A Designer's Crawl: Accessories, Art, & Furniture from Venice, CA


At last, here are pix from my 6-hour walk through Venice, CA storefronts by the Beach.  This is the one of the bestest parts of being an Interior Designer:  discovering wonderful places with unique objects.  These sources are in the same "general category" as the Chicago area showrooms in my last blog post.  But in no way do these dealers in Chicago and LA overlap:  each gallery/store has its own personality, vibe and selection.  And soon I'll add photos from NYC, too.  Next time in LA, I'll crawl around closer to 90210. 

What you can find in boutiques, galleries and shops like these will make a house personal and (dare I say) extraordinary.  Even when I won't seriously consider sending something home or carrying another parcel or spending more, taking time to look when I travel adds so much to the experience.  In fact, I have some clients who seem to buy much of their art and many accessories away from home.  When you look at something you've acquired while traveling, you'll get extra enjoyment of the "time and place" memory of your purchase.

OH Yeah...um, there are a few other "candids' that were just sights seen on Main and Abbot Kinney and the surrounds in Venice.  It all adds to the flavor of the shopping! 



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