One More Time


Just for the heck of it, I opened the Illinois Dept. of Professional Registration web site because of a comment I received the other day about Decorator/Designer (no bad feelings, just curiosity).

This is what I have to say: 

If you need a license to embalm and if you need an license to be a locksmith or an auctioneer, please don't tell a studied Interior Design Professional that it doesn't matter if you go to school for your profession and do a multi-year apprenticeship with a more experienced Designer and take an inclusive exam that covers (somewhat complicated) basics of architecture and design history, construction, document review, design theory and drafting to call yourself a Professional.  You had better know which walls are bearing and how to specify electrical items and layout a bathroom or 2. 

You can pick colors and drapes whether you are technically educated or not, but that IS "Decorating".  Oprah has often called Nate Berkus her "Adorable (or Cutie) Decorator" and bless him for his input into the larger scope of the Design world, licensed or not.  He worked in the industry before opening his own biz, and he grew up in the "decorating world", too.  It's just about "truth in advertising", isn't it?

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Best to all!

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