Making it Truly New!

Last night I had the awesome privilege to listening to professional praise from people who had seen my clients' home, but never met me before.

A couple of years ago, my (architect) husband, Mark, and I were invited to discuss remodeling several elements of a 1963 high-rise apartment with a view of Belmont Harbor (kitchen and baths and later some decorating elements).  The purchase price of the condo was reflective of the lack of improvements, and gave us a clean slate.  (Reminder: Try NOT to move the plumbing!)

The solutions were simple.  Mark suggested opening up a wall to enter the kitchen near an informal eating area leaving a view of the lake.  All the remodeled units our clients had seen just kept the doors as in the "before" layout, and there was no gorgeous view in that direction!

Lesson learned: work with professionals that have a creative vision based in logic.  It's almost strange to imagine doing all that work for all that money and not enjoying a fabulous view, but not most clients only see what is familiar to them.  Simply, nothing is better than someone with a professional background and a workman's mindset.  Nothing we did was heroic, just creative..and that was all before the gorgeous tile backsplash and the rug, and the paint colors and new pillows, etc., etc.

Thanks to everyone last night for the praise.  It's fun to be appreciated!!


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for g'field complete.jpg


& here's a detail of the completed kitchen:



Elements: cabinets fromNuHaus, tile/stone tops from Tithof Tile & Marble




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