Everyone is a Designer Now?

                                                Is the world going to come to an end?   

The Merchandise Mart is opening some showrooms to the public.WOW!  Used to be that your needed a pass to go much past the center elevators. 

There were always dealers/showrooms that didn't care about the prevailing policy and just wanted to Sell and anyone qualified.  But this as policy will be interesting.  Buying wholesale is not the same as using a store and I don't think that the Mart showrooms will do the phone calling and expediting and troubleshooting that Designers and their staffs do.   

Apparently the Mart has selected 38 Designers (ah! - are they Designers or just personal shoppers?) to deal with this new traffic to the many, many showrooms.  ALL SHOWROOMS ARE NOT INCLUDED in this change.  Apparently other design centers have tried this and gone back to their wholesale ways. 

High-markup lines will probably love this because almost no one can afford their artificial List (or suggested retail) prices now, so they can pursue the market that works with Designers charging List (or almost).

This will be a "fluid" topic for a while....at least until tomorrow and Monday when I make lots more calls to my sources...and the Mart. 

Just didn't want to seem uneducated in my own field, so this is short & sweet & timely.  Maybe this is why one of my "besties" at the Mart left a wonderful showroom recently without announcement.  

Bye for today!





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  • MORE FRIDAY when I get to talk to "the guy", but I got an e-mail from the Mart office immediately after this posting saying "not true"...this will all add to my new topic of sources and resources and "to the trade" pricing, which was my next set of blog entries planned!!

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