My Visit to "Dwell on Design" in Los Angeles ( pt. 1)

"Dwell on Design" opened in LA this weekend and it was a truly great show.  Its huge "umbrella" includes a creative & diverse selection of "Dwell on Design" materiale.  Conventions can be overflowing, but this was just busy enough in number of exhibitors, just diverse enough in categories of exhibitors, and not too complicated to be overly stimulating in a half or whole day (or late afternoon and evening).  There are also panel discussions and talks - tomorrow's appearance is by "Green" advocate, actor Ed Begley, Jr.

There were more green products and green product designers than any other items and visitors ranged from contractors and designers to retail shoppers  -- who could actually order many items for themselves or their projects at the show.

My own pix will come soon, but 19th C. posters were the only Antiques and Paul Frank had a fun display of children's items interspersed with tile, quartz materials for countertops, LED light bulbs, reclaimed wood, energy star appliances plus booths representing AIA, ASID, USGBC and other known professional organizations, some offering quick and easy introductory consult.



Thumbnail image for FencingLowTable01[1].jpg

"Fencing Table" and "Double Slinky Table" from BRC Designs











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