H e r e ' s COLOR!

Before I return to the subject of favorite places or items to buy, while browsing web sites today my prediction for 2010 has been realized:  COLOR is back!!  And color is without question one of my favorite things!! 
Not that we can't still find neutrals and all white, but I saw things today that are red and yellow and blue and lavender and color is back!!  It's not the 1950's pink and aqua, nor the 60's and 70's avocado and harvest gold with orange, copper and brown, but all sorts of fun fabrics and accent pieces that are bright.  

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Look at bedding, accessories for your family room, kitchen or garden, furniture, even the poly-whatever Adirondack chairs for summer. 
The best part?  You can mix these colors as you wish:  a little red with the beige colors, a little purple with the sea foam-y blues of the past couple of seasons.  And if it's here now, it will, in some form, be around for a while.  No one in merchandising will introduce product for only 3-4 months -- not enough money is being spent in the marketplace to switch around so often. 
Hopefully, this will be embraced!  In the Great Depression, colors got gloomy and dresses got LONG and dark.  Today, minis are back and maybe the new fashion for gloomy-ish (it IS getting better, no?) times is to buck the mood and make us smile. That makes a LOT more sense!

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Plates: Crate & Barrel, Chair: Design Within Reach, Bedding: Bloomingdales

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