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So much to write and talk about: what is Design Sense? Do we have it? Do we need it? Can we get it by ourselves? Do we have to buy it?  Can we fake it?

It's all around us, our personal appearance, the food we place on a plate, the flowers we arrange in a vase, and largely, the environment we create to live and work in.  Our Design Sense or someone else's, is always there.

I am an Interior Designer with loves and passions in pretty much all things visual.  It's about what you see and how you surround yourself, but it also involves your practical sense, your common sense and your sense of money. 

It also involves your senses of comfort and even extends to your sense of fitting in.  Lots to discuss and share.  Welcome!

- Claire Golan





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  • Hey Claire! A lot of my friends have nice houses but they sort of throw furniture and art into it that doesn't work together. Each piece on its own is nice, but the mix is way off. The stuff in their rooms clashes. Maybe you can explain to us how feng shui works. What's the best way to pick and place objects in a home? Will be reading your blog to see what tips you can offer.

  • Lots of people don't know how to mix objects/furniture/materials. A comfortable space starts with scale and proportion together with a layout. The colors, etc. come after that. Once in a while it works to just throw it all together: if it fits (somehow) it's OK. Your comment is based on feeling (knowing) that it's OFF, maybe even unpleasantly off. Perhaps items are acquired over time and there's no regard to fitting in new with older things. If it's great art, I am guessing it goes whevever there's wall space! How and where it's hung, DOES matter. Art can be THE focal point. But it should add to the environment, not compete with it, which I am guessing is what you're expressing.
    Feng shui is a blog topic that I need to study a bit more..(reading now). It interests me because I apparently follow it instinctively! It comes up from time to time, expecially for the workplace. More on that soon.

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