Design Sense -- What is it?

What do I consider your Essential Design Sense?
Everyone has Design advice for you, and lots people want to offer opinions -- in so many areas from the structure you live in, what you put in it, pretty much anything you wear from what's next to your skin to the least essentials...the flowers for a bouquet or your garden -- and more!
You come face-to-face with your own Design Sense when you put together anything visual or think you need to make an aesthetic decision.  It's your taste, what you like in practical usage, not in an  ethereal context --like music.  If you hang everything up in your closet by outfit so that you don't clash or look dorky, you may not have it, or at least you don't have confidence in it.  And most likely, if your mother furnished your home, well..... (uh, that is unless you're my kid--or that of another real design pro)
In your home, or office "home-away-from-home", it's around you, too.  We usually know what we like, and if we seriously don't, someone around us might just have enough insight and judgment to "read" us.  The way they look and where they live "works", and we would gladly shop with them.
How much are you trusting yourself and how well do you know your limitations?  Both of these answers are helpful...And that's a first step to working with yourself or by yourself or whatever you decide you are able to or CHOOSE to do.  And what WOULD you choose to do?  

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