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I have been to several great antique fairs lately and wanted to share some inspiration and a few great places to shop.

First stop is Jan's Antiques in Chicago located at 225 North Racine Ave.   This shop has literally everything and anything you can imagine.  I have been in many antique stores over the years and Jan's was honestly a little overwhelming when you first walk in.  When you start to get comfortable and look around it holds the best treasures and deals.  They have anything from moldings to lighting and a crazy collection of antique hardware!  I found the most treasured lamp and although I am thinking about putting it up for sale on my new etsy store Purple+Fringe I am hestitant because it so amazing I don't want to sell it!  Jan's is a must if you have lots of time to shop around and are in the Chicago area.

Next stop is Sandwich, IL they hold six antique fairs throughout the summer and fall months. Although the fairs are over for the season a group of us caught their last fair of the season.  Even though it is a bit of a drive from the city, I like this fair because of the reasonable prices and outdoor air.  It was 70 degrees and sunny when we headed southwest to Sandwich, IL. We found plenty of treasures as the day came to an end including a kitchen buffet, a set of 70's modern glasses, fun wire baskets and my happy find, a set of 4 amazing  white metal outdoor chairs.  I don't have a patio for them now but I will! I also found a fabulous retro atomic style lamp on sale now at Purple+Fringe.  Be sure to check out Sandwich Antique Fair this upcoming May 2012.

Happy Shopping Chicago!


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