The Wishbone Chair

A little quick history for the day never hurt anyone. 
The craft of this famous furniture line was first started by Carl Hansen in 1908 and called the company Carl Hansen & Son.  In 1934 his son Holger Hansen being a new breed of young Danish talent entered the scene and later changed the company name to Hans J. Wegner in 1949. He became the company's most well-known designer creating the famous 
"Wishbone Chair".
The "Wishbone Chair" or sometimes called the "Y" chair holds that name due to the shape of the semicircular back and the light & airy quality.  Although it doesn't look all that comfortable the back offers good support and it's actually quite comfy.  They still produce the chair today and can be purchased at Hive or Steelcase. There are also many places that create great reproductions at a lower cost!
photo via the lollipopshoppe

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