Quick and Easy Drapery...

As Fall approaches and we Chicagoans spend most of our time indoors from the cold. 
Why not change up the windows we stare at all winter long?
Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to give your windows a new look.
*soft ivory silk fabric with a long romantic drape. try pottery barn for good inexpensive silk draperies.
*quick tension rod application- straight hung fabric- apply any size grosgrain tape to add detail. my favorites are by Samuel & Sons.
*sheer fabric-simple fabric loops made for rod.drapery04.jpg
*roller shade and matching drapery- 
apply any color trim to edges for your own look. 
I love the yellow balls shown here!romanshade.jpeg
*roman shades that add texture and 
keep out the cold. 
shop at the shade store

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