Remodel Your Office

Remodel Your Office

Happy Monday Morning...

We are in the midst of trying to finish our Office/Guest Bedroom at my home. It got a fresh paint job recently and we quickly just filled the room but it still has a long way to go!

Our goal is to add a Twin Daybed from West Elm for guests and lounging. Add new striped carpet tiles from Flor. But our main challenge has become what type of desk should we buy? I work from home so I need something to serve my day to day mess (as shown below) while my fiance likes things a little more tidy! Also I might add this will be his football room come fall so it can't be girly either! Hum struggle?


2x2 bed.jpg

Current Situation:

So I would like to move out the current desk because it's too big for the space and incorporate one wall unit that serves as a desk and provides more shelving above. Here is some inspiration. Stay Tuned...Any small desk or wall unit suggestions please comment!




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