Transform Your Wall

Transform Your Wall
Many people always ask me is wallpaper is out of date, where should it be used, should I use a large print or small print?
Here are some very sucessful and easy ways to use wallpaper. 
*Entry ways always need an impact! 
This simple black and white diamond patterned paper
adds the right amount of punch.  
tumblr_l5tez37st51qatvvoo1_400.jpg*Kids rooms or play rooms are great places to add a little fun print. Dwell Studio has sophisticated prints that children can grow into.
*Wallpaper in the bedroom can add just enough drama to make your space exciting. The below pattern is whimsical yet very bold in color. What makes this room successful is how the wallpaper is the accent and the rest of the room is calm and white. 

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  • Not seeing the wall paper choices at the linked site...just wall art. I'm definitely liking the idea though for my new babies room or even my office for my business The Designary.

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    :( Sorry.. wrong link try

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