Kokki Set To Perform In Chicago For Urban Grind Event

Kokki Set To Perform In Chicago For Urban Grind Event
Photo By Derrick Salter

Working hard and still pushing his Fast Grind movement, Chicago rapper Kokki is set to let the music industry see how he gets down. Come June 25, he's scheduled to perform at Reggie's Nightclub, in Chicago's South Loop, for Urban Grind TV. The show will feature Lil Bibby, Lil Herb, Bo Deal, and more.

Today, we talk with Kokki one-on-one to let us know what we can expect to see. Check out the interview below and see why you should go check him out.

1. Kokki, tells us what we can expect to see during your performance?

"My stage performance is very exciting... I try to give the ppl great movement and a lil acting to go with the words of the song so they can have a better visual... plus I don't have a hundred ppl on stage cause I like the focus to be on me."

2. Will your music be catered to the fellas or more to the ladies?

"I got sh*t for everybody! I'ma do some stuff for the streets and the ladies... plus going to release a new track from my upcoming mixtape Fast Grind. I'm trying to see how the ppl respond to different tracks so I can remain consistent for all my fans."

3. Can we expect any special surprises or any guest appearances?

"Trust me! I have some surprises for the ppl... so if you wanna find out, come to the Urban Grind event and see... (he laughs)"

Thanks Kokki for the interview and be sure to check em out at Reggie's. Until then, peep his latest video "Bag It" and download his new track "Instagram."

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