Exclusive: Chicago Rapper Kokki Ready To "Cook Up" Summer 2013

Exclusive: Chicago Rapper Kokki Ready To "Cook Up" Summer 2013
Photo by Derrick Salter

Over the last few months, in Chicago, a fresh new rapper has emerged on the scene, dropping  hot new music and dope ass videos. He goes by the name Kokki and judging from what I've heard, he's ready to take the game by storm.

Today, we sat down with Kokki, one-on-one, to talk about his future plans and music. During our interview, he shares everything from working with Director Will Gates on his new visual "Bag It" to telling us about his upcoming mixtape Fast Grind. Check out the interview and see what he has to say, below.

1. How was it like working w/ Director Will Gates on your video "Bag It?"

"The "Bag It" video was a great first time experience for me working with the great Will Gates... And with that being said, the ppl can be on the lookout for me and Will to work on some more projects together."

2. Who else would you like to work with in the music industry?

"From Chicago, I would like to work with Lupe, Chella H, D Gainz, Young Chop, Sean Mac, and Soundmaster T. On a national level, I would like to work with Fab, Drake, Jezzy, and Kanye... Oh! I can't forget Hype Williams."

3. From your eyes, give me your take on Chicago's hip hop?

"I think Chicago has a movement going but its not as strong as it should and could be... simply because u still have those who don't support the next artist that's trying to do his or her thang."

4. How do you see yourself? Are you a rapper or artist?

"My creativity is on another level than most... I view myself as an artist with my own story to tell... I'm not just a rapper who trying to follow a trend."

5. Last! What's next for Kokki? What else can we expect in 2013?

"First and foremost, I have the mixtape Fast Grind dropping... and I got a t-shirt clothing line coming soon. Also, I will be dropping my new single called "Cook Up" produced by J Filly... and be on the look out for the video. Maybe its "Part 2" to my current video "Bag It" and maybe its not... Stay Tuned."

Thanks Kokki for this awesome interview and don't forget to cop his upcoming mixtape this summer. Until then, check the links to his latest projects.

1. "Bag It" behind the scenes footage

2. "Bag It" feat J-Hood

3. "VIP" feat Jeremy Jackson

4. "I'm Kokki" produced by J Filly

5. "Bag It" video directed by Will Gates

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