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'Equal pay day' rubbish

April 8 is Equal Pay Day, marking the number of extra days into 2014 the average woman has to work to earn as much as her male counterpart did in 2013.–HuffPost Rubbish. Variations on the theme that women make 77 cents for every dollar their male counterpart makes are endlessly repeated, often by careless, biased... Read more »

Barack Obama, can't you shut up for just a minute

Karmel Allison, pregnant and diabetic, nearly faints as he goes on and on about how much he cares about people’s health Having done some public relations in my career, I’ve never understood the compulsion to have a bunch of people standing behind whoever is speaking at the podium. I’ve always thought that it was an ego... Read more »

More White House baloney on contraception.

Jay Carney said the Catholic bishops never supported health care. Is White House press secretary stupid or a liar? Or did he just misspeak, in which case we will quickly get a correction. Below is a press release from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops correcting the record:   USCCB/MR          ... Read more »

Chicago felon--Robert Craemer--makes 60 White House visits

That would be Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s husband, who was convicted of writing bad checks, bank fraud and failure to pay taxes. Actually, his felony record doesn’t bother me as much as his political philosophy, which is far, far left, and which gives the lie to the assertion that President Barack Obama is slip-sliding away from... Read more »

Todd Stroger to get federal job?

Rumors have hit the Internet that Cook County Board President Todd Stroger would like to get a federal job. President Barack Obama would have to be out of his mind to even consider this. But…. You mean that the White House didn’t offer Stroger a job if he pulled out of the Democratic primary? Like... Read more »

Mayor Ram Rahm

Watch your back, Richie. U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (left) talks with Mayor Richard Daley at a Chicago 2016 Olympic Rally. Tribune photo by Heather Stone / June 6, 2008 Emanuel says he’d like to be Chicago mayor one day - News headline. As Chicago’s courageous and beloved First Lady Maggie Daley helped unveil a new... Read more »

Send the Salahis to Gitmo

Michaele and Tarek Salahi UPDATE: Some publicity-hunting congressman is planning a congressional committee hearing on how the jackasses sunk into the White House. Don’t do it, please. There are other ways to find out how they did than putting them in the spotlight again. Now comes word that the couple that crashed the White House... Read more »

Obama's Whine House*

President Barack Obama’s threadbare attacks on anyone who has the audacity to disagree with him continue to the point of weariness. Here is a Politico story about how partisan Democrats took to the woodshed a fellow party member who dares work for FOX News: Bob Beckel: A Democratic apostate? Democratic pundit Bob Beckel has been... Read more »

Part Two: Obama=Nixon?

My earlier post (Obama=Nixon?) suggesting a resemblance between Harry Truman’s sage advice should be taken to heart by Barack Obama theNixonadministration’s enemies list and the Obama White House going after its enemies drew a number of protests, outraged that I would dare compare the two presidents. But here’s another post along the same lines that... Read more »

Tweeters, the White House is watching

You’re in the archives Social networkers take note: “The White House is collecting and storing comments and videos placed on its social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube without notifying or asking the consent of the site users, a failure that appears to run counter to President Obama’s promise of a transparent government and... Read more »
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    • Dennis, in spite of your complaint about President Obama's "brief" "words, words, words," "(blah,blah)" he seems to have been correct. ...
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      He's gonna show them...He'll lecture them about how global warming/change/climate distruption/whatever is the cause of their crappy smarter cars ...
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      Why does the Victim/BLM Industry gravitate to the thugs as the ones to be nominated for sainthood? All ...
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      I don’t suppose many of websites give this kind of information.lightbox
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    • By the way, does the Pope "play the compassion card"?
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