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Health, race, unions and Wal-Mart

A new study reveals that health disparities between black and white people in Chicago is increasing. A number of explanations are possible, including this one, offered by, Steve Whitman, director of the Sinai Urban Health Institute, which did the study: “The underlying issue here is racism and poverty,” Whitman said. “In Chicago, it’s exacerbated by... Read more »

Union job-killing arrogance

Where does it say that taxpayers should be doing (i.e. paying for) union organizing. Apparently, in Chicago, that’s a given. Organized labor is said to have indicated that they might withdraw their long-standing opposition to job-producing Wal-Mart stores in Chicago if the retailer would agree to certain wage and work rule demands.  Here’s the story.... Read more »

Got a dollar? Maybe you can get the city to sell you five acres

“The city of Chicago has approved the sale of roughly five acres on the Far South Side to a little-known developer who plans a $21-million retail project that could be anchored by an Aldi supermarket.” (Read the Crain’s Chicago Business story here.) Wait. Hold on. Wal-Mart wants to build a big job and tax generator... Read more »

"Progressives" deny jobs to South Side blacks

If there’s ever an illustration of how “progressive” elites and organized labor are keeping the very people they supposedly care about locked up on the plantation, it’s their consuming opposition to a new Wal-Mart store on the South Side. The impoverished, unemployed, blacks, seniors, teens–they’re all getting a good frigging by the organized campaign by... Read more »

Wal-Mart decision entombed in a different City Council committee

Without explanation, the decision to allow a second Wal-Mart into Chicago has been sent to molder in Ald. Ed Burke’s Finance Committee, a Tribune story reported. Leon Finney: “What happened?” Rev. Leon Finney, head of the Woodlawn Organization and a revered Chicago activist, appeared to be stumped by the move. After the decision was lateraled... Read more »

Most Chicagoans want a new Wal-Mart

Talk about kowtowing to special interests. The Chicago City Council already has once killed a proposed Wal-Mart in Catham, and if the unions get their way, they’ll kill it again. That’s even though only 17 percent of Chicagoans opposed the new store in a survey. Conducted June 8-12, the survey revealed that 73 percent of... Read more »
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