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Pro-Choice Activist Gets Prison for Sending Pro-Lifers Death Threats

Death threats don’t always come from the right, as this article in points out. Father Frank Pavone , director of Priests for Life, made this observation: Pavone added, “From the point of view of my work as a pro-life leader, I also take this opportunity to point out that violence and threats of violence... Read more »

Racist violence at the Wisconsin State Fair

We didn’t hear much about it because it was selective violence against white fair-goers. Reported WTMJ radio: Witnesses’ accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night…. “It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people,” said Norb Roffers of... Read more »

Did conservatives pull the trigger in Tucson?

It’s also simplistic to suggest that the right and the left have been equally irresponsible in their use of incendiary political language in recent years. It’s been the right, not the left, that’s framed the debate over the role of government in terms that recall armed revolution, that’s stood behind a Republican U.S. Senate nominee... Read more »

Daley, Ald. Lyle get it absolutely right on neighborhood violence.

Mayor Daley presides over the City Council this morning, the day after his retirement. (José M. Osorio/Tribune) Items from words-that-dare-not-be-spoken Department: Maybe it took Mayor Richard M. Daley to announced his retirement to express the kind of outrage that he did today. He’s fed up with neighborhoods that refuse to cooperate with the police whenever... Read more »

Never too young to watch a throat getting slit

Here’s a story about six- and seven-year-olds sitting around watching the bloodbath when a pig’s throat is cut. It’s good for them, don’t you know. Monica Eng, the Chicago Tribune’s food writer, apparently thought as much when she took her  daughter, Miranda Zanca, 7, out to the farm to watch a pig slaughter–so she can appreciate... Read more »

Eric Zorn and I duke it out over urban violence--on Wednesday

My column doesn’t appear in the Chicago Tribune today because I’ve entered Tribune columnist Eric Zorn’s rhubarb patch on Wednesday to debate the causes and solutions to urban violence. With three cops killed in two months and on Monday night a raging gun battle at a CTA bus turnaround will Chicago become known as Bagdad... Read more »

Chicago: Baghdad on the Lake

That two Chicago lawmakers have asked Gov. Pat Quinn to activate the Illinois National Guard to stem violence in the city is making national and international news.  Some officials are appalled at the idea of military troops doing police work, saying that they’re not trained for it. Mayor Richard M. Daley reacted “cooly,” the Tribune reports, throwing... Read more »

In the wake of Derrion Albert's murder, consider all-male high schools

What in blazes is wrong with men? Seems like every time you turn around, a man, or a man-child, is fighting, maiming, stalking, raping or killing somebody. On a street outside Fenger High School, thugs beat a student to death. Punks used to wait for darkness to do their killing, but a fatal beating in... Read more »
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