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Islamic fanatics kill women working to eradicate polio

Why isn’t this a cause for American feminists? If you to get a real feel for what we’re fighting in the war of terrorism, see this story about how young, women volunteers were killed because they committed the sin of joining forces with Rotary International and others to eliminate polio in Pakistan. The details are... Read more »

A kid's right to a mommy and a daddy

Do children have a right to have both a mother and a father? Considering all the rights that have been discovered or created—human, civil, natural and so forth—an inquiry into whether children have this right is proper, if not required. The United Nation’s Declaration of The Rights of the Child proclaims ten children’s rights, among them “special... Read more »

UN thinking about creating "environmental peacekeepers"--green cops

The suffocating dome of heat that has settled on America appears to have addled some minds over at the United Nations. They’re thinking about creating climate cops. Suzanne Goldenberg, environmental correspondent for, last week reported talk “… of a new environmental peacekeeping force — green helmets — which could step into conflicts caused by... Read more »

Global Warming malarky

In the next few weeks we’ll be relentlessly scrubbed with eyewash, brainwash and hogwash, all designed to cleanse us of any doubts that global warming is a proven menace to mother Earth. First, there’s the Democratic global warming legislation rushing through Congress Global warming alarmists dishonor the memory of such courageous scientists as Galileo and... Read more »
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    • In reply to Aquinas wired:
      And let me add, what could be more anti-science than that?
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    • Yes, the Right has always championed the LGBT community. How could anyone deny that. Let's be real. Your argument is ...
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      That's unfortunate that happened Dennis and I'm sorry that opposing views were not tolerated on the subject among your peers. ...
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      Wracking my brain here, I want to add one thing. In the late 90s Tom Coburn of Oklahoma did propose ...
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