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Todd Stroger to get federal job?

Rumors have hit the Internet that Cook County Board President Todd Stroger would like to get a federal job. President Barack Obama would have to be out of his mind to even consider this. But…. You mean that the White House didn’t offer Stroger a job if he pulled out of the Democratic primary? Like... Read more »

I guess Stroger showed us, uh?

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger has hired six high-salaried pals since he lost the primary, even though the positions are not budgeted, the Tribune reports. The man doesn’t take “good-bye” for an answer. Some people just can’t help being their weaselly selves.

Todd Stroger is available

Stroger for Lieutenant Governor! The junta that decided that Todd Stroger would make such a wonderful Cook County board president now has an opportunity to give him a promotion for a job well done. Democrats are looking for a new lieutenant governor candidate, and who could be better suited for the job? The lieutenant governor... Read more »

Democrats Ain't Ready for Reform

The “colorful” (i.e. corrupt) alderman Paddy Bauler (center, top hat) once said after an election returned every goniff in sight to office famously said, “Chicago ain’t ready for reform!” More appropriately, he should have said, “Democrats ain’t ready for reform.” Nothing says it better than the primary race for the Democratic nominee for Cook County... Read more »

Cook County commissioners vote to cut in half Stroger sales tax increase

Not far enough. Instead of cutting Todd Stroger’s sales tax increase of one cent on the dollar, the commissioners for the sake of “compromise” settled for a half-cent reduction.Some Cook County Board Chairman Todd Stroger at the board meeting today. (Nancy Stone/ Chicago Tribune) commissioners believed that granting full relief from the levy that gave... Read more »

Congress almost as loathsome as Todd Stroger

If you are amazed by Cook County Board President Todd Stroger’s 10 percent public approval rating, get a load of what the public thinks of Congress.

Stroger's Cook County sales tax remains!

And you thought that Todd Stroger was Chuckles the Clown. Somehow (anyone have a guess?) he (or someone) persuaded Commissioner Deborah Sims to reverse her previous support of a rollback. Now she says she’s against the rollback because she doesn’t know what it will mean. Story here in the Sun-Times

Chris Kennedy: Who?

After Lisa Madigan announced that she liked her job as attorney general just fine, and wouldn’t run for senator or governor, the stuffed-up pipeline of potential candidates unclogged Chris Kennedy like a sewer freed of a giant glop. Maybe it’s a measure of a character failure that Madigan decided to wait so long, throwing a... Read more »
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