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Where are the defenders of Chicago's parks?

Two huge assaults on Chicago’s historic park system are under way and who the hell seems to care? There’s the combination of two public, historic and affordable golf courses–South Shore and Jackson Park–into a single, high-end, probably expensive courses designed by Tiger Woods that will most likely shut out the the Chicagoans who can’t afford to... Read more »

In defense of conversion

Jeez. Why is it when anyone brings up religious conversion, so many people go off the track? Fox News analyst Brit Hume has been taking it on the chin since he suggested last weekend that Tiger Woods turn to Jesus to deal with his sins. Indeed, it wasn’t the most politic thing to do on a... Read more »

The Krazy Glued penis

Would that Mrs. Tiger Woods had thought of it sooner. Here’s the story: CHILTON, Wis. — Two of the three women accused of gluing a man’s penis to his stomach are due in court this afternoon.Prosecutors say the women were seeking revenge on a cheating lover when they lured the 37-year-old man to a motel... Read more »

Tiger Woods' statement, apology + alleged girl friends

If he cheated on his family, he’s scum. But let’s not forget that his wife and two small children are involved. I agree with his statement. For those who prefer pictures to text, I’ll get to the heart of the his statement: But no matter how intense curiosity about public figures can be, there is... Read more »

Hey, lay off Tiger

PETER MUHLY, AFP/Getty Images Just what we need. With so few true unblemished American icons, it looks we’re about to lose another one. More than a million entries listed on the Google blog search. Speculation and unconfirmed reports flying left and right. Denials unending. Trash talking. Unremitting jokes about his “driving” (golf driving and car... Read more »

Diapers and golf

You thought Tiger Woods at two was amazing. Then take a look at this kid, so young that his mother changes his diaper on the golf course. Golfers, see it and weep.

Chicago's shame

Within the crowd lurks a blockhead What I was hoping for was a little dignity when Tiger Woods and the PGA came to Chicago this weekend. Maybe Chicago golf fans would be a little more sophisticated than galleries in other cities, where a few idiots manage to embarrass their city. But no. It would not... Read more »

Tiger Woods at the PGA

Tiger’s golf shoe I’m watching Tiger Woods arrive in the parking lot at the PGA tournament. Much to my surprise, as his caddie was taking Tiger’s clubs out of the back of the car, Tiger was tying on his golf shoes. You mean that Tiger is just like the rest of us weekend hackers, putting... Read more »

Tom Watson, you du (old) man!

Tom Watson He’s almost 60 years old, and he’s leading going into the final round of the British Open, the world’s oldest, if not the most prestigious, major golf tournament. (Details here.) Tiger Woods is nowhere to be seen, having failed to make the cut. Tom, you’ve given all of us old men hope. The... Read more »
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