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So long, Soleimani

If anyone deserved it,  Qasem Soleimani did. Only the ideologically, politically or naively blind would regret the death of this terrorist mastermind. Yet, there’s this mysterious “imminent attack” that he had been planning on Americans that President Trump used to justify the lethal U.S. attack on Soleimani. I’m thinking as far back as the discredited (second) Gulf... Read more »

Hillary Clinton invokes American exceptionalism in fight against Islamic state

Hillary Clinton today outlined in detail how she would engage in a war against the Islamic state and worldwide terrorism. In essence she trumped both President Barack Obama and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump by calling for, among other things, a “new phase” in the fight including a stepped up military offensive. But for me,... Read more »

All right! Obama has ISIS surrounded!

In what may be President Barack Obama’s most poorly timed proclamation, he asserted on ABC that ISIS has been contained, just hours before the deadly Islamist jihadists’ attacks on Paris. He said (about 1:10 into the video):  “I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” the president told Stephanopoulos in an interview at the White House Thursday.... Read more »

President resists tougher sanctions against Hitler

In recent speeches about “terrorism,” President Barack Obama argued that Islamic extremists are motivated by poverty, suppression and a lack of opportunity, rather than their radical Muslim views. What’s needed isn’t military action, he claimed, but social and economic reforms and outreach. PARODY: Washington, D.C., March 13, 1935–President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Monday insisted that... Read more »

A dozen 'root causes' for Islamic extremism that Obama basically ignored

The Barack Obama White House, including the president himself and Secretary of State John Kerry, today continued to examine the “legitimate grievances” that have caused the rise of “violent extremism.” Addressing an international White House Conference on terrorism, the two emphasized that the world is “not at war with Islam,” as if the cruelty and... Read more »

Christians prepare to retaliate against Islam for attack on Paris newspaper

Well, not really. The determination of Parisians and western democracies to respond against the Islamic State and other Islamic-based terrorist groups might well be fortified by the horrific slaughter by three masked gunman of 12 people in a raid on the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper. In the name of Allah. But I don’t... Read more »

More hot air from the discredited Barack Obama about beheaded American journalist James Foley

Maybe President Barack Obama in his nationally televised statement that ended a few minutes ago didn’t want to disclose what he plans to do to carry out his threats to  “do what is necessary to see that justice is done” regarding the death of American journalist Jim Foley because he doesn’t want the enemy to know... Read more »

We're flying into New York City on 9/11. Gulp.


Nine goofiest conspiracy theories about Osama bin Laden's alleged death

Well, that caps it: President Barack Obama’s refusal to release the pictures of the dead Osama bin Laden proves that….well, it’s hard to summarize the nutty conspiracy theories that started taking hold the second that it was disclosed that his body was dumped into the sea. Here are nine of my favorite moronic theories: (... Read more »

What will Obama do about Yemen?

The  bombs sent from Yemen to two Chicago Jewish congregations turns the spotlight on that troubled nation, which, as this New York Times article explains, is emerging as an important operational base for Al Qaeda. Intelligence experts had previously believed that radical Islamic murderers had used that simmering Gulf nation as a base for launching... Read more »
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