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U.S. Education Department bigfoots Illinois

Illinois pressured to push up teacher evaluations State plan set target of 2016-17 school year for full implementation of rating system, but feds want it up and running 2 years earlier So reports the Chicago Tribune Great. Hire some more “evaluators” and take more money out of actual teaching. As if school bureaucracies are not... Read more »

Illinois teachers routinely threaten to abandon students to sweeten their contracts

This is from the Education Action Group Foundation.  By Ben Velderman EAG Communications SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The threat of going on strike has become an accepted, and unfortunately profitable negotiation ploy for Illinois teachers unions. And sometimes the teachers actually walk out, over seemingly minor issues. That could very well happen tomorrow in the Nokomis, Illinois school district, where... Read more »

Comparing public school teachers' wages and benefits

For years, the teachers’ unions have been seeking public sympathy for the allegedly low wages that their members are paid. But studies that try to compare those wages with those paid to workers with similar positions or education are complicated and sometimes contradictory. Now comes another one that comes out on the side that teachers... Read more »

The controversial Wisconsin budget reform saves teachers’ jobs.

The Brown Deer (Wisconsin) school superintendent long had been negotiating with his teachers’ union in an attempt to file a budget hole. The union wouldn’t budget, so the superintend had no other choice but to lay off 27 teachers–some of them friends. But with the new bargaining law, passed with such passionate teacher union opposition,... Read more »

Will Illinois GOP scuttle school voucher bill?

Tribune photo by Abel Uribe / April 21, 2010 Lorynda Taylor, a science teacher from South Holland District 205, and other protesters march around the State Capitol last month in Springfield, Ill. The protesters, bused down by labor unions and social service advocates, are rallying in an attempt to pressure state lawmakers into raising the... Read more »

Illinois' Champagne taste with a beer budget

The root of Illinois’ budget problems: Where’s mine? Nice try, governor, but when you asked the people of Illinois how to balance the state budget, you got thousands of responses, but not one that I could see who said cut my services or raise my taxes. Cut education, but not health care. Increase school spending;... Read more »

Bloated Illinois public pensions

How is it that the top 100 pensions in the state are making more money in a year than most of us can only dream about when we’re working a regular full-time job? If the discussion about pension reform in Illinois is boring and abstract, maybe you should look at this and see just how... Read more »
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