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Who are the 'progressives' that are targeted by the IRS?

Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee are trying to persuade us that the Internal Revenue Service did not exclusively target Tea Party, conservative and pro-life groups. Their statement opened. The Internal Revenue Service today provided Congressional investigators with new information that shows that the term “progressives” was included on the IRS “Be On... Read more »

Obama and the IRS: The Smoking Gun?

President Barack Obama met with anti-Tea Party IRS union chief the day before agency targeted Tea Party. Here is a fascinating timeline put together by Jeffrey Lord in the American Spectator. According to the White House Visitors Log, provided here in searchable form by U.S. News and World Report, the president of the anti-Tea Party National Treasury Employees Union,... Read more »

IRS inspector general's report small comfort for Tea Party groups

Following the day’s myriad news stories on Benghazi, Associated Press allegations and the IRS targeting right-of-center organizations, the highly anticipated Treasury Department‘s report on the blossoming IRS scandal released late Tuesday is relatively small comfort for Tea Party groups, according to political strategist and attorney Michael Bakker. The report does strongly suggest that management style of President Barack Obama... Read more »

Farmers are pitching something and it's not hay

Agriculture subsidies amount to little more than a free ride for many farmers that don’t need help. Good or bad times, taxpayers money, piled on top of favorable trade policies and other boons, keeps flowing to sugar, corn, wheat and other growers. Now the agriculture lobby has in its sights the congressional supercommittee that is... Read more »

Occupiers and Tea Partiers Unite

Here is the real solution to America’s economic problems that should satisfy both the Occupy Whatever movement and the Tea Party: So how best to confront America’s growing class division? With serious economic growth beyond Wall Street. A flatter tax system with fewer exemptions, limiting trusts and foundations and ending the preference for capital gains... Read more »

The Chicago Godfather of the Tea Party explains the facts of life to CNBC dolts

CNBC/CME Group floor reporter Rick Santelli is credited with igniting the Tea Party movement a few years back when during a report on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade he ripped the bailouts. He was reprimanded for expressing his opinion (“he’s only a reporter”) while the wiseguys back on the anchor desk were... Read more »

Tea Party started right here in Chicago

Did you think it started in some Alabama backwater or was conceived in the mind of a former Alaska governor? No, thank Chicago. The Sun-Times gives well-deserved recognition of the role that Rick Santelli, the CNBC reporter who reports from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile had in starting the Tea Party. A interesting and well-written story... Read more »

Why aren't you out smoking pot...

instead of writing a book about the tea party protests? That’s what Jon Stewart jokingly asked a 20-something John O’Hara, who wrote a book, “The New American Tea Party: The Counterrevolution Against Bailouts, Handouts, Reckless Spending and More taxes.”  I suspect that anyone as young as O’Hara who is conservative comes as a surprise to Stewart... Read more »

Zorn and Byrne at it again

This is the latest in a series of dialogues conducted between Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn (from the left) and Dennis Byrne (from the right). Problem is, left and right isn’t all that clear cut. This exchange and comments also can be found posted on Zorn’s blog, Change of Subject.   The art of political... Read more »

Taking a hatchet to moderate government

Go ahead, attack promoters of moderate government. Paint them as flakes, kooks and goons. Call them unhinged and unglued. Toxic, mean-spirited, shrill and dangerous. Nothing would please us more than your persisting in mislabeling or misunderstanding — the effect is the same — what angers the majority of Americans. Convince yourself that dissenters to your... Read more »
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