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Madison Bondi gives them to us in Reboot Illinois

Hey, Obama, want to help small businesses? Just leave them alone.

This open letter is based on an interview I conducted with a contractor who’s desperately trying to keep his head above water. He isn’t named for obvious reasons. Dear President Obama, If you want to help small businessmen like you said in your jobs plan, it’s simple: Stop trying to help us. I’m a contractor;... Read more »

Illinois: The most broke state in America

Not that this should come as news. The governors and lawmakers of Illinois have long been working to get to this point. Even worse, despite some nibbling around the edges, they haven’t come up with a realist, workable plan for getting Illinois out of this mess. The Illinois Statehouse News story is here.

End Big Oil's tax breaks, now!

That’s the cry of anti-business progressives, and you know what? They’re right. Do it. It’s also the view of President Barack Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Policy and Reform. You’ve got to dig deep into the recently issued 66-page report, and if I read it correctly, the report, called “The Moment of Truth,” would dump all business... Read more »

Most Local Tax Increases on Ballot Lose Tuesday

The Illinois Policy Institute tallied the dozens of local referenda conducted in Illinis asking voters if they favored or opposed a tax increase. Here’s what the Institute found: Of the 37 tax increase referenda, only 14 passed.…When given a choice between lower taxes and more spending, voters more often than not supported lower taxes. Follow... Read more »

Obama tax increase to hit seniors the hardest?

Perhaps so, according to this article in the on-line publication “Remapping Debate.” The article looks at the various sides of the debate, but notes that seniors could be disproportionately hurt because so many retired people depend on dividends to supplement social security, pensions,  401Ks or whatnot. This could be so, because Obama’s tax proposal would... Read more »

Hand over your money

Here’s a trailer for “I want your money,” a political documentary film by award-winning Director Ray Griggs, slated for release in theatres in select markets nationwide on October 15.  Griggs has assembled an all-star cast of prominent voices from America’s broad-based conservative movement, in what critics everywhere are calling a “rousing” feature film documentary.

Why is Illinois Using Credit Default Swaps?

You remember credit default swaps, right, the financial “instrument” that pricked the housing and economic bubbles? Illinois is “enjoying” the same kind of debt bubble that led the nation into its current financial mess. I call it a debt bubble because if all the borrowing that the state does to keep it afloat ever becomes... Read more »
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