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Warren Buffett: Tax me more

Warren Buffet told Congress that billionaires like him should pay higher taxes. Strikes me that he is free to chip in a billion here or there if he feels the need, but I don’t think that he has been appointed to speak for other billionaires. But Buffet is both right and wrong. He’s wrong when... Read more »

We have met the taxpayers, and they are us.

What better time to take a shot at Big Business for “paying no taxes” than when we’re struggling to complete our own income tax returns? Big Business in this case is General Electric, which made a worldwide profit of $14.2 billion, of which $5.1 billion came from U.S. operations. Trumpeted a New York Times story: “Its American tax... Read more »

Springfield Politicians Played Taxpayers for Chumps--Again

So, all you retired public employees, suppliers waiting for your long over-due checks, “underfunded” schools and the rest of the pack that thought the blow-off-the-roof Illinois income tax increase would solve your problems, what do you think of your Democratic pals now? You’ve been chumped.   Gov. Pat Quinn and Democratic lawmakers were all grins... Read more »

Repeal the Illinois income tax increase!

House Speaker Michael Madigan laughs it up at your expense. ( Tribune photo by Michael Tercha / January 29, 2009 ) ObamaCare and a trillion dollars of bailouts ignited a firestorm of protest that scorched the self-satisfied Democrats. Will the 67 percent increase in the personal property tax ignite a similar tea party-like protest in... Read more »

Rick Roberts: No Illinois Tax Increase!

For many Chicagoans, Rick Roberts is a familiar name, for his work with the homeless and others in need. The former director of the Christian Industrial League’s, he was named a Sun Times Person of the Year in the 90’s and received a White Point of Light Award for his work with the poor. He is... Read more »

A debtors' prison for deadbeat pols?

Maybe putting legislators in the clink is all that’s left  Too bad we don’t have debtors’ prisons anymore. They would be suitable lodgings for House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, and the rest who are responsible for Illinois’ financial demise. We could let Madigan, Gov. Pat Quinn, Senate PresidentJohn Cullerton and others who are responsible for stiffing thousands of... Read more »

Boss Madigan to Illinois taxpayers: Eat s....

  Speaker of the House Michaelf Madigan listens to discussion in the Illinois House Thursday. (William DeShazer/Chicago Tribune)   Led by His Highness, House Speaker Michael Madigan, Democratic leaders in the state Legislature have concocted a 75 percent increase in the state income tax. Madigan left it to Senate President John Cullerton to explain the deal;... Read more »

UPDATE: Gary Chico already doing Chicago a big favor, even before he becomes mayor.

UPDATE: Oops, I missed it. Rahm Emanuel has proposed something good for the city. (See UPDATE at bottom of post)  While Rahm Emanuel is out raising campaign money from Hollywood pals for his run for Chicago mayor, another candidate, Gery Chico is doing something important: Trying to ensure that the billions that flowed into the... Read more »

Bush-era rate cuts launch a taxing debate

Tribune columnist Eric Zorn and I square off again–this time on the Bush tax cuts.’ From Eric, to Dennis: In May, 2001, four months into President George W. Bush‘s first term, Congress passed across-the-board tax cuts despite the fears of most Democrats and a few Republicans, including Arizona’s Sen. John McCain, who voted “no” because,... Read more »
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