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Good questions to ask Hillary Clinton about her emails

Even though Hillary Clinton has tweeted today that she wants the “public to see her email,” there are some mighty good questions that still need to be asked and answered about her (private?, secret?) account. They come from the Sunlight Foundation, “a nonpartisan nonprofit that advocates for open government globally and uses technology to make government more... Read more »

Guess where most of the "dark" campaign money comes from?

If you said sneaky right wing nuts, the “1 percent” (i.e. superrich Americans) or corporate powerhouses, you’d be wrong. The biggest hunk of money came from Planned Parenthood Action Fund Inc., yeah them, the abortion industry. The second biggest chunk came from our friends at American  Federation of  State,  County  and  Municipal Employees. Interestingly, the bulk of the... Read more »

Health care is the largest special interest group lobbying the congressional super committee

The Sunlight Foundation has broken down by industry the special interests that are lobbying the congressional super committee to avoid having their funds cut. The Foundation’s study reports: The healthcare industry is the dominating lobbying activity before the Super Committee, according to third quarter lobbying reports. Almost 30 percent of the organizations that reported lobbying the... Read more »

What's going on with the Super Committee?

It’s easy to forget that a bi-partisan committee of both houses of Congress is meeting (in private) to figure out how to cut $1.5 trillion from the federal budget. If it doesn’t by Nov. 23, the ax will fall and the across-the-board budget cuts of similar size will be automatically imposed. So, what’s the Super... Read more »

How to increase campaign contributions in lean times

Get yourself named to the congressional “super committee” studying what to cut in the federal budget. Campaign contributions reportedly are down, especially hitting freshmen GOP congressmen who expect to face close re-election races in 2012. But some lawmakers are enjoying bulging campaign chests, according the Sunlight Foundation: The campaign of super committee member Rep. Chris... Read more »
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