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Unstimulated Chicago

(Crain’s) — Unemployment for metropolitan Chicago held steady in March at 10.9%, but it reflected an increase from the same month a year ago.  http://www.chicagobusiness.com/cgi-bin/news.pl?id=37930

Value added tax bad idea

And to make matters worse, try finding this federal tax on a receipt Where will they strike next? Now that we’ve been flattened with the crushing weight of what Democrats imagine is health care reform, what additional burdens will follow? Some say it’ll be “comprehensive” (there’s that word again) immigration reform, providing a “path” for millions of expatriates... Read more »

Free Internet access for some, not for others

As part of the stimulus package, $7.2 billion has been set aside for cities and states whose Internet access is considered to be not fast enough. Today we discover that DeKalb County has won $13.2 million, the first of the $400 million for which Illinois eligible, Chicago wants $100 million of that to create free... Read more »

Jobs? What jobs?

The stimulus package passed one year ago (time flies doesn’t it?) was supposed to create thousands, nay, millions of jobs. We in Illinois were excitedly awaiting the money (while the pols were wetting themselves over images of money flowing in for their contracting and consulting buddies. So, how has Illinois done? Pat Brady, Illinois Republican... Read more »

High-speed rail: slow and dumb

It looks nice, but… Just as polls show that Americans are increasingly worried about government living beyond its means, President Barack Obama goes and announces he’s shoveling out another $8 billion for high-speed rail that is neither high-speed nor smart. Blood-sucking politicians from Illinois wanted $4.5 billion of that, but had to settle for only... Read more »

If the recession is ending, why more stimulus spending?

This is only one of several stories suggesting that the economy may have “bottomed out,” that the recovery may have started, that we’ve seen the worst, and so forth. Even President Obama is proclaiming that “we have stepped away from the precipice,” while cautioning that “many more months remain” until we’re out of the recession.... Read more »

Obama gets a taste of what he gave to Bush

President Barack Obama’s effort to sell Americans on his economic So, Rahm, how does it taste? policies isn’t working because his own campaign strategy has returned to haunt him. That strategy was designed to cajole voters into believing that former President George W. Bush wasn’t blowing away the recession fast enough. Many Americans bought the... Read more »

Clippings from Byrne's Barbershop

35 days to redefine America The next five weeks, according to a Wall Street Journal story could be the most critical yet for the Obama agenda. I think that’s a little understated. The next five weeks, during which Congress will be debating how to shovel billions of dollars we don’t have into the economy, could... Read more »
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