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Electoral College reform; would it work in Illinois?

Illinois is one of 48 states that give all of its electoral votes to the presidential candidate that wins all of the state’s electoral votes. Because of widespread discontent over the occasional  loser having a bigger popular vote than the winner, various kinds of reform have been offered. One that appears to be gaining steam,... Read more »

Illinois also in hock to cover unemployment benefits

To ensure that state continue to pay unemployment benefits, they can borrow billions from the federal government. Thanks to our state leaders’ (Democrats) gross financial mismanagement, it’s not only the pension funds of retired teachers and state workers that are in this fix. Illinois had to borrow  some $2.5 billion to help support Illinois’ unemployed... Read more »

New York Times aghast about Illinois

Could be among the first states to default on debt since 1930s, the newspaper warns. We know about it here, although the politicians are ignoring it, hoping that it might disappear. The editorial is worth reading.

Change comes to neighboring states; in Illinois, it's the same old mess

Here’s a sampling of what the GOP wave is bringing to other states. Illinois is alone in its acceptance of the status quo: big deficits, big debt, big borrowing and, to come, big tax increase. 

Americans blame over spending for states' budget crises

Maybe Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and his fellow Democrats running the state Legislature should take notice: Most Americans report their state currently has a budget crisis, and they continue to blame politicians more than taxpayers for the problem. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Adults shows 75% say the unwillingness of politicians to... Read more »

The multiple failures of healthcare reform

A must read: How other states tried healthcare reform and failed dismally because costs weren’t controlled. Just like Obamacare. This is a troubling perspective.

Act II: Slaying the health care legislation

The question with the passage Sunday of Democratic health legislation now becomes: Who will arrive first to slay this monster, the voters in November or the U.S. Supreme Court? Beyond its many policy flaws, the legislation raises some serious constitutional problems that could send the high court into unexplored territory. Can, for example, the federal... Read more »
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