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What's wrong with Ozzie making a pile of money?

Managing a professional sports team ought not be considered a form of indentured servitude. “Loyalty” to the club ought not mean that you should stay put even though the market says you can make more money elsewhere. So, I don’t understand the criticism of Ozzie Guillen for leaving the White Sox and signing on with... Read more »

What happens tonight to the drunk who ragged on Joakim Noah?

    Noah picked the wrong slur Now that everyone has exhausted (I hope) all the handwringing over Joakim Noah‘s slur, we have yet to see what will happen to that jerk of a Miami Heat fan who set off the episode. Reports indicate that the insufferable, drunken fan had been on Noah for much of... Read more »

The morphing of NBA basketball into hockey

( Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune / April 21, 2011 ) Derrick Rose fights for possession with Indiana’s Josh McRoberts in the second quarter. Just one of the many scrums that marked Thursday’s game. Basketball used to be a sport of strength and finesse. Now–at least for the NBA–it’s a game simply of brute strength, and... Read more »

What! The White Sox' Minnie Minoso is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

( Alex Garcia, Chicago Tribune / April 6, 2011 ) White Sox legend Minnie Minoso at U.S. Cellular Field, the day before Opening Day. That’s an outrage. I don’t generally follow who’s in the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, N.Y. The more fascinating reading is who didn’t make it. And this morning, thanks to... Read more »

Blame coaches, not Cutler

Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune / January 23, 2011 Some Bears “fans” are burning Cutler’s jersey, no doubt hoping that he would be wearing it at the same time. They’re idiots. Blame Smith and the coaches that came up with the “game plan.” On that first drive on which the Packers scored on their first possession,... Read more »

East Coast tunes out the Bears

It was supposed to be the game of the year, perhaps even a preview of the Super Bowl. When I talked to my son Don who lives in northern Virginia and was watching the Bears-New England game, I was him (sarcasm) if he was enjoying it.  He said he wasn’t even watching it. Because CBS... Read more »

Do Sox fans want to win bad enough to put up with Ramirez?

Manny Ramirez is thrown out of the game on Sunday in his last at-bat with the Dodgers. (Matt McClain, Associated Press / August 29, 2010) This White Sox fan doesn’t. Yeah, cheer when (if) he hits a game deciding home run. But the bottom line is: The Manny Ramirez is a bum. It would give... Read more »

Jesse Jackson's worn-out race baiting

Jesse, it’s no longer 1973; give it up, you’re getting boring. Here he is, listening to a speech at a 1973 Operation PUSH event at Chicago’s McCormick Place with son Jesse Jackson Jr., now a Congressman. Tribune photo by Gerald West / April 28, 1973 Chicago’s very own Jesse L. Jackson Sr. already had turned... Read more »

Labron James burnout

Is anyone else as worn down as I am by the speculation that NBA superstar Labron James is coming to play for the Chicago Bulls? Or that he’s leaning toward Chicago? Or that Chicago is his top pick? Come on, Chicago; we’re supposed to be the savvy, gritty city that can recognize a scam when... Read more »

Cubs, White Sox historic pitching duel

Ted Lilly battles the White Sox. (AP photo) This is baseball as it should be played. For six full innings, the scoreboard showed nothing but goose eggs. White Sox: no runs, no hits, no errors. Cubs: No runs, no hits, no errors. Lilly and Floyd both were magnificent.  The last time two pitchers had twin... Read more »
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