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Rahm Emanuel to South Side and south suburbs: 'Drop Dead'

Will Chicago’s new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, say the same? We may soon find out, as the idea of a South Suburban Airport is gaining new life.  For decades now, former Mayor Richard M. Daley and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have stuck a sharp stick in the eye of the Southland by blocking a South Suburban Airport. Lightfoot’s turn is next. The... Read more »

The South Suburban Airport is baaaack!

As it should be. Actually, the idea of building a South Suburban Airport never left, even though former Mayor Richard M. Daley probably thought he killed it off by expanding O’Hare Airport. (Here) Actually, the idea of a South Suburban Airport has been around for decades, well before Daley ascended to the throne. Officials, transportation planners... Read more »

All aboard the fantasy express to O'Hare Airport

Imagine zooming 125 m.p.h underground from downtown to O’Hare Airport on a new express train and getting there in plenty of time of find out your flight has been delayed–again. Imagine making that trip in a promised 20 minutes from O’Hare to downtown after it took your flight 20 minutes to get to the terminal gate... Read more »

Sen. Mark Kirk inexcusably silent about South Suburban Airport

For decades, transportation planners, politicians and others have been talking about relieving the jam-packed O’Hare Airport by building a new one in the south suburbs. Under the leadership of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., Bensenville, Elk Grove Village and others, a private investor/builder/operator was found to partner with government, to the extent that it would cost... Read more »

NOW they want a privately operated airport

A couple of top Chicago business and labor leaders recently argued that it’s time to re-energize an earlier-failed attempt to privatize Midway airport. To support their argument, they pointed to Mayor Daley’s deal privatizing the city’s parking meter revenues; a good deal for the public they say.  (The two, Jerry Roper, head of  the Chicagoland Chamber... Read more »
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