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Racial hypersensitivity at Barrington High School

The portrayal of a Roman slave market at Barrington High School turned unexpectedly ugly. Reported the Barrington Courier-Review: Parents and students attending the [performance] from Kenwood Academy, a mostly black high school on Chicago’s South Side, took offense to the skit. One parent told Chicago’s CBS-Ch. 2 News that “regardless as to how it was... Read more »

Obama's flawed comparison of today's radical Islam with long-ago Christianity

Obama’s flawed comparison of today’s radical Islam with long-ago Christianity should be recognized, even by his most ardent supports, as apples and oranges. Obama made this strange comparison during a speech Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast. And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember... Read more »

Pervert ISIS says rape and abduction are God's will

ISIS/ISIL/The Islamic State now goes out of its way, indeed, it brags, that they are carrying out God’s will, by raping, abducting and selling into slavery “infidel” women and children. The unbelievable declaration by Islam’s radical branch comes in its own English-language digital magazine called “Dabiq:” One should remember that enslaving the families of the... Read more »

Blame slavery for today's white Republicans

That’s the suggested conclusion of a study that asserts a correlation between states that had large populations of black slaves 150 years ago and states that voted against President Barack Obama. This is how ThinkProgress reported it: Study Suggests Southern Slavery Turns White People Into Republicans 150 Years Later The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution banned... Read more »

Stunning: See bills of sale of individual slaves

The idea of selling people, as if they were just another parcel of property or a plow horse, is brought home in dramatic fashion by the Register of Deeds office of Buncombe County, North Carolina. See for yourself how individuals were described when they were bought and sold, often with little more than a first... Read more »

PETA: Whales are people too

Just as we’re discussing when a human life becomes a person (and entitled to human and civil rights), along comes People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) suing SeaWorld for enslaving whales in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution. More accurately, the whales  are suing, not PETA. The five SeaWorld ocra whales... Read more »
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