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House Speaker Mike Madigan, a saint for sure

“As a leader in this state, I know we all have a responsibility to create a better Illinois for everyone.”–Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan in a Tribune op-ed crowing about all his has done to protect women. Bull shit. As a thoroughly bought handmaid of public employee unions and other left-wing special interests, Michael Madigan... Read more »

Fire every last leerer and grabber

Every last sexual harasser that is unearthed, worms that they are, must be fired. Whether in the government, private sector, military,  church or anywhere else . That includes anyone who protects them, whether it is a cardinal, general, CEO or the Poseur-in-Chief Donald Trump. Trump, being a leerer, grabber and a harasser, most of all. Trump who can’t seem... Read more »

Did the gropers and harassers cost Hillary Clinton the election?

You had to know that this was coming. In the wild search to find the real reason (as if we haven’t found it yet) for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid, now comes this cockamamie assertion: The gropers and the sexual harassers did it. This preposterous assertion was made by Jill Filipovic in a New York Times op-ed,... Read more »

Groped? It's the culture, stupid

We’re finally and thankfully seeing a seemingly overnight change in the culture that allows, even encourages, men to  grope, paw, squeeze, feel up and fondle women. Cultural change usually comes much slower, but this time the speed of this change amounts to a cultural revolution. The culture that has allowed the sexual harassment to prevail in Illinois capital in... Read more »

Bill O'Reilly, serial pig

Just looking at this arrogant, serial pig creeps me out. I often agree with his political views and he has co-written some readable popular history, but his pomposity makes me gag. Just as does Rush Limbaugh’s iron-clad certitude and righteousness. Conservatives can do better then these two. And they better. So now comes news that... Read more »

Jerks in the Letterman audience

Or Where is the EEOC now? The only jerks bigger than David Letterman for cheating on his wife were the jerks in the studio audience who thought his jokes about his affairs were hilarious. Sure, Letterman has apologized, a couple of times now, but that doesn’t take away the stupidity of making a joke out... Read more »
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