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Sen. Roland Burris to go two months early? Hope so.

There’s good news for Illinois: we might be able to retire Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., two months earlier than expected. That doesn’t sound like much, but more important than removing Burris — former Gov. Rod Blagojevich‘s controversial appointee to Barack Obama’s old Senate seat–is confirmation of an important principle: It is the voters’ business who... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel for Illinois' U.S. Senator?

Just weeks after White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was rumored to be Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley’s replacement, a Wall Street Journal piece now is suggesting that Democrats and the Obama White House might want to replace Alexi Giannoulias as their candidate for U.S. senator from Illinois with Emanuel. Said the Journal: One... Read more »

Gay men can't give blood?

I didn’t know that until reading that a bunch of senators, including our own Dick Durbin and  Roland Burris, have asked the Food and Drug Administration to lift the ban. We’ll now have an outbreak of rhetoric like we years ago when we debated the right of privacy versus the common good.  According to the Philadelphia... Read more »

Todd Stroger is available

Stroger for Lieutenant Governor! The junta that decided that Todd Stroger would make such a wonderful Cook County board president now has an opportunity to give him a promotion for a job well done. Democrats are looking for a new lieutenant governor candidate, and who could be better suited for the job? The lieutenant governor... Read more »

Illinois scores big on list of "most corrupt politicians"

Guess which one is NOT on the list? Aren’t we pleased that Illinois was able to place three of its own on Judicial Watch’s list of the 10 most corrupt politicians in Washington. They are…drumroll please,,,President Barack Obama, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sen. Roland Burris.  Some might argue that we are underrepresented and, for... Read more »

It's Burris' seat, not Obama's

Roland Burris News stories habitually refer to the U.S. Senate seat to be fill in the November general election as “the seat once held by President Barack Obama.” Factually, that’s accurate. But politically, it’s a dodge. It’s Sen. Roland Burris’ seat. Why does this matter? Because it avoids reminding voters of the scandalous way that... Read more »

Why GOP will lose Illinois, again

If this intra-party knifing keeps up, Republicans will be so split that Democrats will waltz back into the the governor’s mansion and keep Roland Burris’ seat in the Senate. This is something that must be avoided at all costs. I can’t explain it all, but the way that some Republicans are picking away at each... Read more »

Durbin fails Illinois

Where’s Sen. Dick Durbin when you need him? While other senators were making gravy for their states in exchange for supporting health care legislation, Durbin parlayed his job as Democratic whip, the second most powerful party job in the Senate, into, well, nothing for his home state of Illinois. By providing the necessary 60th vote... Read more »

Alexi Giannoulias' lost Illinois millions

Democrat Alexi Giannoulias somehow got elected Illinois Treasurer. Now he’s running for Roland Burris’ senate seat and somehow his polling numbers are strong. Not that I pay all that much attention, but where did he come from? Now comes a piece in the Chicago Daily Observer by veteran political operative Don Rose that discloses some... Read more »

Burris, Jackson among "15 most corrupt"

Update, Wednesday, Sept. 16 (AP) — The House ethics committee said Wednesday it will put off for now an expanded investigation into whether Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. or his representatives tried to buy President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat. The story is here: Comment: Circle the wagons. Protect your own. ———————————————————————————————- Sen. Roland Burris... Read more »
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