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Yes, Donald Trump, please drop out of the presidential race

Can this be possible? ABC reported that Republican party leaders are exploring how to replace Donald Trump if he  drops out of the race. I can’t imagine a proven narcissist like Donald Trump would do something so unselfish. But then, again, he always surprises us. He has such difficulty keeping his mouth shut that it’s... Read more »

Trump and Sanders engage in the 'politics of high fantasy'

Charles Krauthammer sees magic in the appeal of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders. Krauthammer said in a Chicago Tribune op-ed, “In truth, Trump and Sanders are soaring not just by defyingHe the establishment, but by defying logic and history. Sanders’ magic potion is socialism; Trump’s is Trump.” He concludes: The added... Read more »

'I get along with everyone'--Donald Trump

Donald Trump says his strength is found in the assertions that ‘I get along with everyone.’ Seriously? This was his ironic and dumbfounding answer to a question in the  “debate” between Republican presidential candidates. The question was: What would you do right now about Russian and Vladimir Putin’s move into Syria? Can you name anyone... Read more »

The case for Jon Huntsman for the GOP presidential nomination

The name recognition of one Jon Hunstman is about zilch, but his qualifications are most impressive, even for conservatives. When Newt Gingrich flames out, as he eventually will, as the latest to surge in the polls for the GOP presidential nomination, there won’t be many left in the field to turn to. Maybe that’s when... Read more »

Suburban Democratic congressional candidates up against it

Here is some bad news for those candidates, including Dan Seals, the Democratic candidate to replace Mark Kirk in the north suburbs 10th congressional district: Heading into the final two months of the mid-term election campaign, most voters believe that Democrats in Congress want to raise taxes and spending while Republicans in Congress want to cut... Read more »

Democrats at Illinois state fair praise themselves for cleaning up their mess

It’s as if Republicans were to blame for giving us Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Here is a week worth of chuckles in which:  House Speaker Michael Madigan sets the Democratic strategy for the coming elections: Face it head on. Point out that Democrats threw him out of office. (But ignore the fact that it was the... Read more »

Hello, Bill Brady, where's your campaign? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: TV ads beginning in Chicago area. At this rate, you’re not even an afterthought.But be of There is a Bill Brady.This is him. good cheer. Here’s a terrific analysis of what Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady needs to do to beat incumbent Pat Quinn. So far, it looks like Brady doesn’t exist, as if... Read more »

Bill Brady's tax sin

(This post contains a correction.) Uh, oh. Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady reluctantly released his income tax returns and we now we know: He didn’t pay federal income tax in 2008 and 2009! Nor did he pay state income tax in 2008! Bill Brady: Tax hypocrite? This, we’re instructed, is bad news for Brady and... Read more »

An alternative to Schakowsky

Getting tired of the ultra-liberal Rep. Jan Schakowsky? The north suburban/North Side Democrat actually has some competition, but it might be hard to find out much about him because he’s not given much of a chance against the aging congresswoman.  If you want to find out more about her opponent, Joel Pollak, the Milwaukee Examiner... Read more »

Mark Kirk, Come Out of Your Neutral Corner

Democrats apparently figure that they have Republican Senate candidate Mark Kirk cornered. “Do you,” they demand to know, “favor the repeal of our wonderful comprehensive health reform or do you not?” They have a point. Thanks to Kirk’ lack of clarity, Republicans also have been asking the same question. Kirk, the moderate North Shore congressman,... Read more »
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