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Suburban voters: fix public pensions

Judging by the election results, you might think that reforming the extravagent pensions that public employees receive in Illinois wasn’t high on the voters’ minds. Friends (i.e. those who harvest campaign money from organized labor), especially Gov. Pat Quinn and House Speaker Michael Madigan keep their grip on the top spots. But what hasn’t been... Read more »

Rick Santelli, CNBC reporter at Chicago Board of Trade, does it again.

Keep it coming, Rick! We know you got dressed down from your bosses for your remarks last year that almost single-handedly set of the Tea Party movement. Now, you’ve done it again, calling out Democrats for their hypocrisy on financial reform.  Hat tip to Lonely Conservative.

Why not 500 percent?

President Barack Obama has unveiled his idea of a “compromise” health bill, but what it does, according to the Wall Street Journal, is combine the worst of the bills that were past separately by the House and Senate. One of its worst features is designed to impress us with its compassion, when it, in fact,... Read more »

Michael Madigan's hypocrisy

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s hypocrisy is so transparent, it would humiliate anyone who isn’t as big an egomaniac. Tribune photo by Chris Walker / December 4, 2008 House Speaker Michael Madigan yuks it up with his pal, convicted ex-gov. George Ryan on a 1999 plane flight to Cuba with a delegation of business and... Read more »

Obamacare excludes illegal immigrants

Oh, by the way, President Barack Obama now agrees with eight out of ten Americans when he says illegal immigrants shouldn’t receive the same government health care benefits that would be available to everyone who’s here legally. The White House has issued, at last, details of its position on benefits for illegal aliens, prompted by... Read more »

Keep abortion funding out of healthcare

A new poll shows that even most American women don’t want abortion funded through a government health care program.

Obama's health reform fudge

Maybe President Barack Obama, instead of portraying opponents of his version of heath-care reform as liars, should cast out the mote in his own eye. From him and his White House has flowed a never-ending stream of misinformation, disinformation, exaggerations and just plain baloney. Take the oft-repeated claim that 50 million, 60 million or whatever... Read more »

Go ahead, blame Chicago

President Barack Obama’s Chicago advisers are taking it on the chin for the Obama golfs while health care reform goes up in smoke? weakening of public support for the health care upheaval that Democrats want to impose on Americans. Joseph L Galloway, a McClatchy Newspapers columnist, was angry, indeed, that health-care reform is on “life... Read more »

So long, Rahm. Adios, Axelrod.

Now that the polls are showing that the America public is jumping ship on President Barack Axelrod and Emanuel Obama’s health care fantasia, he’ll be looking around for someone to blame. And blame shall be placed. Consider: By jamming every possible thought and every proposal that every reformer has ever had into a single bill,... Read more »
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