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Sanctuary cities get $27 billion federal aid; Chicago the second largest beneficiary

Declaring that your city, county or state is a sanctuary from the enforcement of federal immigration laws could be detrimental to your financial health. A report from finds that as much as $27 billion in federal aid could be endangered by a local unit of government by refusing to comply with federal immigration law.... Read more »

Am I the only one who wasn't pitched a story by Rahm Emanuel

Robert Feder does an excellent column on the disclosure of emails detailing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s dealings with the media: “Dear Rahm: Emails reveal how Emanuel works the media — and vice versa”  

Chicago's pension debt still is a "sinkhole"

Mayor Rahm Emanuel hailed as good news that fact that Fitch credit rating service didn’t plunge Chicago’s debt into junk bond status. Instead Fitch has decided to keep the BBB-minus rating on the city’s $9.2 billion in outstanding general obligation bonds. That means that it is only one step above junk bonds.  It also called the... Read more »

Chicago again buggers Bensenville and its neighbors--O'Hare's disappearing western terminal

Chief among Chicago’s promises a decade ago when it laid out plans for O’Hare Airport expansion was a 50-gate terminal on the airport’s western edge. Northwest suburbs gradually dropped their opposition to the expansion as visions of an economic boom danced in their  heads, made possible by the western terminal and its access roads: The... Read more »

Not Parody: CTU's Karen Lewis blames everyone except herself and Madigan

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis blamed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Chicago Public School district leadership for Chicago and the state’s school funding mess. That’s rich. Can you think of anyone who is more responsible for Chicago and some state public schools tripping over  the brink of financial collapse than Lewis, the... Read more »

Has Garry McCarthy gone into hiding?

Here’s some spot-on commentary from Second City Cop about the firing of Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. He asks: “So why is no media outlet hunting down Garry for his reaction to being pushed under a bus?” Good question, but the eye-opening summary of Rahm Emanuel’s appointments hits home: Rahm has a bad history selecting outsiders... Read more »

Who is Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke’s clout?

Who is Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke’s clout? That would be the guy who was able to protect what appears to be a rogue cop from discipline and firing. This is the person  once was  called, in Chicago  parlance, his “chinaman,” but political correctness has annihilated that offensive usage. Nonetheless, one can legitimately not be... Read more »

Just about everything about the Laquan McDonald killing sucks

Start with the killing itself. A young black man suspected of doing bad stuff, strung out on PCP, being chased, legitimately, by cops. He’s cornered. Hey, officer Van Dyke, the kid is down, your life isn’t in jeopardy, stop with the damn shooting. Then go to the cover-up: Rahm Emanuel coming up with a $5... Read more »

Chicago teachers should pay a fair share of their pensions

To rescue his city from utter financial collapse, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is resurrecting an old whine: You suburban and downstate folks are to blame, and now you have to fix it. Chicago is the state’s “economic engine,” he said in several appearances, as if that is reason enough for Illinois taxpayers to ship more than $800 million... Read more »

Chicago Teachers Union sends Chicago Public Schools "over the cliff"

“The CTU is negotiating a contract with the board and is willing to work with anyone, but these political appointments are telling us a lot about where the mayor is taking our schools, which is over a cliff.” — Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey commenting on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s appointment of Forrest Claypool as new CEO... Read more »
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