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Madison Bondi gives them to us in Reboot Illinois

Fed workers go without a pay raise for 3 years--boo hoo!

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) warns that “recent attacks on federal pay and benefits, coupled with the permeating rhetoric casting the government as bloated and underperforming, could lead to a crisis among federal employees and have a crushing impact on morale,.” This is one of the most self-pitying whines I’ve ever seen, coming from federal workers who still don’t... Read more »

Illinois government workers paid better than private sector workers

This is a hotly debated subject with both sides of this fight presenting their own studies. This latest one comes from the Illinois Policy Institute, a free-market think tank. Among its key findings: Compensation per state government employee averaged $69,500, which is 23 percent more than the private sector worker average of $56,500. Much of... Read more »

2010 Illinois State Pensions: 4,200 Over $100,000 Up 27% From 2009

Top pension of $402,418 exceeds president Obama’s salary of $400,000. Here’s the deal: Public sector employees point out that many of them don’t get social security. They should be glad. Private sector workers must work 45 full time years to get $28,000 max social security at age 66. Public  sector employees pay 8 percent to... Read more »

Battling the bulge: Here's where to slash the budget

Two weeks ago I suggested that climbing out of our financial sinkhole requires us to fundamentally downsize our expectations of what we can milk from government (“Champagne taste with a beer budget”). Reader Dienne posted a complaint: “I’m sorry, Mr. Byrne, perhaps I missed it, but I didn’t see a solution in this column —... Read more »

Chicago pensions consuming your city services

An item from the do-you-wonder-why-Chicago-is-such-a-financial-mess department? This is from the 2010 budget that Mayor Richard M. Daley unveiled on Wednesday (Page 44): Pensions and debt service In 2010, 43.3percent of the city’s general levy, or $345 million, will be used to fund pension contributions for city employees. State law mandates that the city contribute an... Read more »
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