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Trump's chance to make his stand clear on Russia

The peaceful protests in Russia against corruption (i.e. Vladimir Putin and his dissolute regime) gives President Donald Trump a good opportunity to take the right side on an enemy of American interests. . Throughout his campaign, Trump was inexplicably friendly to Putin and hard on NATO among other positions that made the president appear to... Read more »

Fascists harass photographer at University of Missouri

Students and, reportedly, University of Missouri professors reminding me of fascists harass a student photographer at the University of Missouri who is trying to record the protests for posterity. One of the harrassers is reportedly a communications professor, of all things. The student tries to explain that he has a first amendment right under the... Read more »

The new progressive bromide: Militarization of police

As a favor to progressives who never want to be the last one to use the latest cliche, I give you this: Militarization of Police. We can thank the tragedy of  Ferguson, Missouri for the sudden appearance and flood of references to a police force that looks more like an army than, well, a police force. Broadly... Read more »

Good Friday pro-life protest at Aurora abortion clinic

Beth Thrun of Batavia says the rosary outside the offices of Planned Parenthood in Aurora. (Chuck Berman / Chicago Tribune) After winning a settlement in a free speech lawsuit filed against the city of Aurora, pro-life demonstrators have set a protest outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in the far southwest suburb. The pro-life groups... Read more »

Obama's "astroturf" organizing takes on Mark Kirk's health reform Monday night

Obama, Democrats and the media have made much of conservatives organizing protests to Democracy in action at a town hall meeting on health care reform the vastly expensive and impossible health care reform pushed by the political left. As if those protesters were nothing more than sheep being led by dishonest and loud-mouthed Rush Limbaugh... Read more »