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Your write-in vote for president might not count

You should be aware that if you plan, as I do, to write-in your candidate preference for president or any office, it might not count in Illinois. That’s right, if you plan to write in, say Bernie Sanders or Paul Ryan, for president, it won’t be counted in Illinois. And if you plan to write in... Read more »

Hillary Clinton, congenital liar

Some regular readers were disappointed, well, perhaps upset is a better word, that yesterday I posted an essay calling Donald Trump, a textbook narcissist. Even so, they said, he’s better than Hillary Clinton, that congenital liar. For me, it’s hard to tell which one, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, is the worse sociopath.  Or which one would... Read more »

Donald Trump, a textbook narcissist

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton, a congenital liar Of the many things that can be said of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, let’s not leave out narcissist. He’s a textbook narcissist according to most definitions. Here is one according to BPDCentral, a site that focuses on borderline personality disorders. It defines narcissism as: A pervasive pattern of... Read more »

Yes, Donald Trump, please drop out of the presidential race

Can this be possible? ABC reported that Republican party leaders are exploring how to replace Donald Trump if he  drops out of the race. I can’t imagine a proven narcissist like Donald Trump would do something so unselfish. But then, again, he always surprises us. He has such difficulty keeping his mouth shut that it’s... Read more »

Trump, you jerk, you're giving us Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump, your  brainless attack on a Muslim mother of a U.S. soldier, Army Capt. Human Khan, killed in action is just one more reason that independents and other on-the-fence voters won’t support you on election day or vote for Hillary Clinton. Sure, this time you didn’t raise your voice or call your target a nasty... Read more »

The Obama-Trump common denominator: Magical thinking

Heather Wilhelm’s op-ed column this morning in the Chicago Tribune made a forceful and on-target point about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s magical thinking. On Wednesday, Trump delivered a landmark “serious candidate” foreign policy speech from Washington, D.C. In the hours before the speech, the media collectively freaked out in anticipation, even though Trump’s own... Read more »

Why I voted for Frank Underwood in the Illinois presidential primary

Jeez, if Frank Underwood, the evil protagonist of the Netflix award-winning series, “House of Cards,” were on today’s Illinois presidential primary ballot, some of us would have a tough time deciding between him and the rest of the field. (Spoiler warnings!) At least with Frank Underwood, and his wife, Claire, who is running with him... Read more »

Presidential election from hell: Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump

Hobson’s Choice redefined: Presidential election from hell would be Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump. How does one pick between Donald “Mad Dog” Trump and Bernie “Everything is Free” Sanders? With Trump, you get a pig in a poke, not sure where he’d try to take the country. His campaign promises have been so vague that... Read more »

We know exactly the kind of president we'd get in Hillary Clinton

And that’s the problem. John Stoehr,  a lecturer in political science at Yale and the 2016 Koeppel Journalism Fellow at Wesleyan, also thinks we know exactly the kind of president we’d get in Hillary Clinton, but he thinks that’s be a good thing. As a contributing writer in The Weekly, Stoehr makes the argument that... Read more »

The 2016 presidential race is the goofiest in my memory

It says a lot to say that the 2016 presidential race is the goofiest in my memory. My memory takes me back (vaguely) to 1948 when incumbent president Harry S Truman upset his Republican challenger and New York Governor Tom Dewey. Can anyone with a longer memory recall anything crazier? On the Republican side, we... Read more »
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