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An update on John McAdams, Marquette University prof punished for defending a student's right to disagree

Earlier this year, I wrote (here and here) about Marquette University professor John McAdams who was suspended without pay for defending a student’s right to disagree with his professor. The student had disagreed with the teacher’s demand that gay marriage could not be discussed in her class. The student had taken the side of the Catholic Church in... Read more »

Racial hypersensitivity at Barrington High School

The portrayal of a Roman slave market at Barrington High School turned unexpectedly ugly. Reported the Barrington Courier-Review: Parents and students attending the [performance] from Kenwood Academy, a mostly black high school on Chicago’s South Side, took offense to the skit. One parent told Chicago’s CBS-Ch. 2 News that “regardless as to how it was... Read more »

The railroading of University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe

Pummeled by threat of a 1960s-style campus protest and poorly documented charges of a campus riddled by institutional racism, Tim Wolfe, the president of the University of Missouri system resigned Monday, with the hope that everyone would  “use my resignation to heal and start talking again.” News reports across the nation have spotlighted the turmoil, but a complete... Read more »

Kids' game of tag--the next victim of political correctness

If you ever were a kid, you’ve played a game of tag. Run around, trying to touch someone, who then becomes “it.” Harmless, unscripted fun; an antidote for today’s overly programed children. Except at Mercer Island School District in Washington state.  In a statement, it declared: The Mercer Island School District and school teams have recently... Read more »

What happens tonight to the drunk who ragged on Joakim Noah?

    Noah picked the wrong slur Now that everyone has exhausted (I hope) all the handwringing over Joakim Noah‘s slur, we have yet to see what will happen to that jerk of a Miami Heat fan who set off the episode. Reports indicate that the insufferable, drunken fan had been on Noah for much of... Read more »

If it's not raunchy, it ain't the Navy

Much has been made of “offensive” videos made by Captain Owen Honors, the former XO (executive officer) of the carrier USS Enterprise. (Oops, not any longer. We’ve just received the news that he has been permanently relieved of his command of the warship.  As someone who served on a warship (deployed overseas for six months), I’d... Read more »

Banish Halloween?

It’s that time again, as traditionalists are called upon to fight the ridiculous demands of political correctness. This time, it’s Halloween that political correctors are going after, demanding that the name be changed to “Autumn Festival,” “Fall Festival,” or some such nonsense. Both ends of the political spectrum oddly find themselves on the same side... Read more »
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