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Illinois Democrats introduce unpopular abortion expansion bill

Illinois Democrats will argue that their legislation to “expand” abortion “rights” merely reflects the popular sentiment to “protect women’s health.” But the radical pair of newly introduced bills is popular only with hard-line advocates who favor an abortion not just up to the moment of birth, but also as late as when the baby has entered... Read more »

State Supreme Court gives the ACLU of Illinois a lesson in parenting

For 18 years, the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois successfully delayed the implementation of an Illinois law requiring a parent be notified when her daughter schedules an abortion.  On Thursday, the Illinois Supreme Court soundly rejected the ACLU’s bogus arguments, clearing the way for a moderate provision that a majority of Americans support. Many... Read more »

At last, Illinois supreme court agrees to hear arguments in long-stymied parental notification law

Sixteen years ago, the Illinois Legislature enacted a law requiring a parent or guardian to be notified 48 hours before a child under 18 has an abortion. This reasonable requirement still hasn’t been enforced because pro-choice radicals like the American Civil Liberties Union have for years tied the law up in the courts, defying the... Read more »

Illinois Parental Notice Law Again Endangered

No sooner does the 1995 Illinois law requiring parental notification look like it is finally going into effect than an obscure state panel of bureaucrats and ideologues makes a last ditch attempt to further delay the law’s implementation. The state Medical Disciplinary Board has decided it needs another 90 days to review the law’s provisions... Read more »

On Abortion, Sotomayor is no Souter

Never in Illinois have parents had the legal right to know if their pregnant child is planning to have an abortion. Now they will, thanks to a federal appeals court in Chicago that has restored Illinois’ long-dormant parental notification law. At least for a while, parents will. The question now is, if the parental notification... Read more »

Appeals court activates long-dormant abortion parental notification law in Illinois

“A  victory for Illinois parents and children” Overshadowed by the Senate hearings on pro-choice Sonia Sotomayor’s suitability to be a Supreme Court justice, a U.S. appeals court in Chicago on Tuesday gave new life to a long-dormant law that requires Illinois parents be notified when their minor daughter seeks an abortion. The three-judge federal appeals... Read more »
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