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Emanuel: Chicago school kids get the shaft

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today laid out some plain and tough talk about Chicago Public School teachers and what they’re paid. The school board–if Emanuel has his way and he will–could rescind a scheduled 4 percent (!) raise for teachers (at a time when other people are losing jobs or watching their own pay and benefits... Read more »

How should Chicago schools use the extra time (if teachers allow it)?

Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel, like Richard M. Daley before, wants a longer school day, implying that Chicago public school kids and taxpayers aren’t getting full value for the price. Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune / November 4, 2010 ) Karen Lewis, President of the Chicago Teachers Union and community activists hold a press conference in front of... Read more »

A Liberal Teacher Explains Union Busting


Teachers Unions explained

Straight talk on teachers' pension

Joel Klein, former chancellor of New York City’s public schools, makes a common sense suggestion that would reduce the public’s burden of financing overly generous pension benefits while giving teachers what they say they want: Equity (better) pay when they start their careers. The teachers’ union rejected it as “anti-union.” Read about it in the... Read more »

Private sector union members starting to resent public sector benefits.

It’s about time that organized employees in the private sector are beginning to realize that they, too, are coughing up for the generous benefits paid to public sector employees. Reports the Wall Street Journal: The notion that Wall Street and Main Street are fundamentally at odds with one another remains a popular orthodoxy. So much... Read more »

Union members drive their own jobs out of Illinois

Some 1,000 jobs will be leaving Illinois because union members refused–twice–to approve concessions that would have kept one of the Downstate Illinois’ biggest manufacturers here. Olin Corp. earlier this month announced that it will move its Winchester Centerfire operations–a subsidiary bullet making plant–from the Metro East area of Illinois to Oxford, Miss., to “enhance the... Read more »

Public employee unions funnel public money to Democrats

From the Washington Examiner: Who is the largest single political contributor in the 2010 campaign cycle? You can be pardoned if you answer, erroneously, that it’s some new conservative group organized by Karl Rove. That’s campaign spin by the Obama Democrats, obediently relayed by certain elements of the so-called mainstream media The real answer is... Read more »

Competitors secretly finance local opposition to WalMart in Mundelein and elsewhere

You know all the NIMBY (Not in My Backyard) noise opposing the construction of WalMarts? Turns out that some of it is secretly funded by WalMart’s competition. The Wall Street Journal detailed how it worked in north suburban Mundelein. Local activists and union groups have been the public face of much of the resistance. But... Read more »

NeoCon news and opinion

Chief Justice gives President what for. Obama is for transparency, except for his union buddies. Illinois Democrats in sneak attack to publicly fund abortions (read the “as amended section.” Gov. Quinn’s budget to reduce aid for municipalities. Good; maybe they’ll stop spending so much.
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