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Are the Central Park Five really all that innocent?

Netflix its drawing praise for its min-series “When They See Us,” a true story about five black and Latino teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of the 1989 rape of a white woman jogger in New York’s Central Park. After they had served six to 13 years in prison, serial rapist and murderer Matias Reyes confessed to... Read more »

Surprising admiration of MItt Romney by Oprah's friend Gayle King

Maybe it has something to do with the reported coolness between Orpah and First Lady Michelle Obama. Or maybe it was Gayle King‘s heartfelt opinion. But she, Charlie Rose and guest author Jeff Benedict share some private moments that reveal that GOP presidential candidate is not the stiff that Barack Obama, his campaign and Democrats... Read more »

Oprah to tape celeb-filled farewell show at United Center

Ho-hum If you’re interested, the story is here.

Oprah's Stedman Graham: Chicago doesn't 'appreciate' her

  Stedman Graham, Oprah’s “partner” (whatever that means, but that’s a topic for another day) doesn’t think that Chicagp appreciates her. Can you believe it? Is this guy nuts, or is that what Oprah confided in him? If she believes it, then she’s nuts.  “I really don’t think they appreciate her,” said Graham on Fox... Read more »

Oprah to interview Sarah Palin

Now that the election is over Oprah finally has to live up to her promise to interview Palin only after the presidential election. This was while Oprah has busily endorsing Barack Obama. (Stories here and here) Here’s an interesting tidbit: Palin’s new book, Going Rogue: An American Life, as CBS notes: Going Rogue” rose to... Read more »

What Americans think about the 2016 Olympics in Chicago

Americans are evenly divided on the importance of Chicago winning the 2016 Olympics while 43 percent think it’s a bad idea for President Obama to go to Copenhagen to make pitch for the city. Whether Obama should travel there to support Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid has been batted back and forth even in the White... Read more »

Duncan to Copenhagen

The Associated Press reports that Arne Duncan, Education Secretary and former boss of the Chicago Public Schools, also will be pitching the Olympics in Copenhagen. He’ll join first lady Michelle Obama and Oprah. Who’s next? And do we really want someone who headed Chicago public schools to press Chicago’s case when the city’s schools are... Read more »

Oprah pays party tab. Guess how much

A. $389,990B. $3,012C. $54,832D. $1,089,234 The city invoiced her for city services and she paid the next day, the Sun-Times reports.How much? The correct answer is “C. 54,832.” Really? If that seems a little low, here is how the bill was broken down, according to the paper The Office of Emergency Management and Communications ran... Read more »

King Daley, Queen Oprah and Olympic jousting

What a perfect metaphor for Chicago: thousands of Oprah fans sheepishly Chicagoans flock to pay obeisance to Daley and Oprah corralled into their Michigan Avenue pens, fighting their full bladders for hours in the sun and, finally, gyrating and bowing in unison as if they were worshiping at the altar of a pagan god. It... Read more »

Lunatics Standing Up For Oprah

Oprah’s Michigan Avenue Let me get the rules right. No one is permitted into the viewing area for Oprah’s show on Michigan Ave. until noon Tuesday. There will be no seating allowed in that area and the show’s taping doesn’t start until 5 p.m. So, folks who are getting there at noon to enter the... Read more »
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