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YouTube censored my post

The video showed an angry motorist attacking Trump supporters in Northbrook, Illinois (Earlier story is here.) Go to the earlier story and you’ll see that YouTube removed the video, “…for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.” No further explanation was provided. Instinctively a lot of people would say it’s just another case of the elite left... Read more »

Angry motorist attacks Trump campaign banner in leafy Northbrook (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Read how YouTube censored this video here. North suburban Northbrook, Illinois has a free speech zone that apparently isn’t all that free for Trump supporters. Watch the video to see a motorist confront several Trump supporters who had a Trump poster in Triangle Park area near Downtown. The sight apparently so provoked a motorist that he... Read more »

Bonehead of the day award goes to Northbrook activist

In north suburban Northbrook, a triangle of grass where Shermer Rd. and Walters Ave. intersect in downtown has become a free speech zone, following  a fight years ago over whether religious messages can be posted there on such holidays as Christmas. The dispute was settled by allowing free expression, which brings us to today’s bonehead... Read more »

Firefighter also running for village board in Glenview

After writing last week about a fire fighter running for the village board in Northbrook, my attention was drawn to another fire fighter running for the village board in neighboring Glenview. What’s going on in the north suburbs that’s prompting fire fighters to take advantage of a loophole in Illinois law that allows fire fighters–and fire fighters... Read more »

Hunger Resource Network delivers 125,000 pounds of chickens

You, too, can help. Go to the Hunger Resource Network to donate.

Man arrested 65 times; why isn't he in the slammer

Can this be true? Unless he was found innocent 65 times (the story doesn’t say), we can presume that he is a menace to everyone he meets. The story is as mystifying as why this time bomb is walking the streets. His criminal record includes charges of aggravated assault with a weapon, robbery, reckless conduct... Read more »
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