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Pulitzer Prizes mug America's Heartland--again

Not to whine about it, but if we use today’s progressive standard for achievement, America’s Midwest and Heartland are being denied their fair share of Pulitzer Prizes that are annually handed out to newspapers for high quality journalism. I’m not in favor of using the progressive standard that requires that every group is entitled to an equal share... Read more »

John Oliver's sterling defense of newspapers

This video (below)  is making the rounds in journalism circles and prompting much discussion.  John Oliver is explaining why newspapers are in trouble throughout the country, but why they’re so important. For one thing, the rest of the media (TV, radio, digital, aggregators and, yes, bloggers) wouldn’t have much to talk about without newspapers. Oliveer... Read more »

A well-deserved salute to the Chicago Sun-Times

…and its journalists, Tim Novak, Chris Fusco and Carol Marin. If it were not for them and their editors, Richard Vanecko, “who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter last week, never would have faced justice if not for years of [their] painstaking, dogged and courageous work,” as Tribune on-line media columnist Robert Feder observed. “Any doubt that newspapers still... Read more »

Are the local Patch newspapers headed for the trash heap?

A number of Chicago suburbs are severed by the Patch, ambitious effort to provide local news via the Internet and a bold experiment by AOL. Might the experiment have failed? Here’s an analysis by Forbes: It’s said that success has many fathers while failure is an orphan. Yet AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, although prepared to put... Read more »

Is government intervention in newspapers wise?

The Federal Trade Commission is working on recommendations–to put it bluntly–to save newspapers from oblivion. Whenever I see government and newspapers in the same sentence, I usually blanch. Only in the First Amendment (prohibiting government restrictions on a free press) do I feel comfortable seeing the words juxtaposed. So, why should the FTC concern itself... Read more »

Fight! Fight!

In a brazen, pathetic effort to increase his readership, this guy wants to start a fight. Mike Royko had a sign hanging in his office that said, “The eagle doesn’t hunt flies.” So, sorry, no fight.
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