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Chicago to O'Hare airlines: Screw you (updated)

O’Hare Airport. Lot’s of room for expansion, right? UPDATE: Read the Daley administration’s lame excuses for shoving it to the airlines after they thought they had been making progress. One item that the city reneged on was the controversial western terminals, which United and American don’t want. Daley first said okay, then demanded suddenly that... Read more »

It's Burris' seat, not Obama's

Roland Burris News stories habitually refer to the U.S. Senate seat to be fill in the November general election as “the seat once held by President Barack Obama.” Factually, that’s accurate. But politically, it’s a dodge. It’s Sen. Roland Burris’ seat. Why does this matter? Because it avoids reminding voters of the scandalous way that... Read more »

American kids: history dunces

Who knows more about American history: immigrants taking the U.S. citizenship test or products of our schools? I wouldn’t be asking if the answer weren’t so appalling: In the most recent round of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only one fourth of American schoolchildren tested as proficient in their knowledge of U.S. history. A... Read more »

Beware the nuggets in that health bill

Does anyone, anyone at all, know what in blazes he’s talking about when it comes to health care reform? Even the supposedly nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the font of wisdom about what health care reform will cost, admits it doesn’t know for sure. On Saturday, the CBO partnered with the staff of the congressional Joint... Read more »

Blockheads in Rosemont

Samantha Tumpach (right) leaves court after charges against her were dropped. (Brett Nada for the Tribune) Samantha Tumpach, 22, was videotaping the festivities at her sister’s party in Rosemont’s Muvico Theater, when the law descended on her. The theater called in Rosemont police after she had taped for a few moments the movie that was on... Read more »

Left wing media hypocrisy

UPDATE: For all you lefties who don’t see any hypocrisy in this, did you notice the subhead: “She’s bad news for the GOP–and everyone else too” To continue the comparisons: What if Newsweek ran a cover picture of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the caption, “She’s bad news for the Democrats–and everyone else too.” Which... Read more »
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