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Should the Chicago Bulls have lost on purpose?

That’s the thinking: lose games so they wouldn’t have made the playoffs and consequently qualify for a higher rookie draft choice. That thinking also applied to the Bears who would have grabbed  number one draft position (instead of the third) if they had lost some games on purpose. thinking showed up, for example here from one of Chicago’s best sports writers... Read more »

Maybe the Bulls just aren't good enough

We’ve heard a bunch of explanations about why the Chicago Bulls’ NBA season has, well, tanked. They’re not trying hard enough. They’re not communicating. They’re playing selfish for their own stats, and not as a team. It’s the coach’s fault. It’s management’s fault. Not often heard is the possibility is that the Bulls just are... Read more »

Bill Walton: Michael Jordan was just average

Long considered to be among the best, if not the best NBA player of all time, Michael Jordan was called just an average player  by former NBC star and ESPN commentator Bill Walton. Oh, really? Read the Newsman story here.  For information on my award-winning historical novel, “Madness: The War of 1812,” visit: Like The Barbershop?... Read more »

NBA should use NHL penalty box rule

The National Basketball League game has become so brutish that it ought to seriously think about incorporating a National Hockey League idea: The Penalty Box. The idea comes to me tonight while watching the Chicago Blackhawks play the Boston Bruins. Hockey is a physical, contact sport but has managed to keep some control over the... Read more »

Trayvon Martin, NBA brutality and a Catholic bishop's words distorted

I tuned in to CNN on Friday to get the news. Saw Rodney King being interviewed. The host asked: Do you think that race figured into the Trayvon Martin shooting? I turned off CNN. There’s King, the guy beaten by Los Angeles cops two decades ago, dragged out of obscurity (except for an arrest last... Read more »

Occupy the NBA?

Maybe the NBA owners and players haven’t noticed: No Occupy NBA crowds are forming to demand a settlement to the owners’ lockout. A cliche applies: Crowds are staying away in droves. Following the players rejection of the owners’ “final offer” today, we hear reports that the entire season might be lost. Who cares? If either... Read more »

The morphing of NBA basketball into hockey

( Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune / April 21, 2011 ) Derrick Rose fights for possession with Indiana’s Josh McRoberts in the second quarter. Just one of the many scrums that marked Thursday’s game. Basketball used to be a sport of strength and finesse. Now–at least for the NBA–it’s a game simply of brute strength, and... Read more »

Jesse Jackson's worn-out race baiting

Jesse, it’s no longer 1973; give it up, you’re getting boring. Here he is, listening to a speech at a 1973 Operation PUSH event at Chicago’s McCormick Place with son Jesse Jackson Jr., now a Congressman. Tribune photo by Gerald West / April 28, 1973 Chicago’s very own Jesse L. Jackson Sr. already had turned... Read more »

LeBron: Stay out of Chicago

Your dragging out your free-agency decision raises serious questions about whether you can be a team player. Most revealing was your statement that wherever you go you might have trouble adopting to a system in which you are “moving without the ball.” Further, Chicago and the Bulls have done enough supplicating on bended knee. This... Read more »
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