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Memorial Day history lesson: 100s of black men victims of institutional racism in the military

This Memorial Day, author James Campbell reminded me that even the Greatest Generation had its dark shadows. In his new book, “The Color of War: How One Battle Broke Japan and Another Changed America,” Campbell lays out in stunning detail one of that generation’s most nightmarish events: the racism that caused the deaths of hundreds of African-Americans in... Read more »

Navy and Marines to extinguish the smoking lamp aboard ship?

UPDATE: The smoking lamp is lighted for e-cigarettes. The expression, “the smoking lamp is lighted,” is older than the United States of America. It is the word that is “passed” when it is all right to light up a cigarette, pipe or stogie. When it’s time to stop smoking (e.g. during the loading of ammunition),... Read more »

Fact-checking Romney, Gingrich in the Florida primary has established a new service–who’s got in wrong during the debates. Here’s the announcement: From the folks who brought you comes! Our DebateWatch has the latest clips and fact checks from every debate ready for you right away. Here are just a couple of videos from DebateWatch where we push back on the candidates. The latest issue fact checks... Read more »

Chicago's ignored military landmark

For uncounted thousands of Chicago-area men, last week’s announcement that Sara Lee Corp. was moving from Downers Grove to a West Loop office building meant something other than a story about Mayor Rahm Emanuel poaching suburban businesses. For them, the ugly building at 400 S. Jefferson St. that the company will occupy is a significant... Read more »

If it's not raunchy, it ain't the Navy

Much has been made of “offensive” videos made by Captain Owen Honors, the former XO (executive officer) of the carrier USS Enterprise. (Oops, not any longer. We’ve just received the news that he has been permanently relieved of his command of the warship.  As someone who served on a warship (deployed overseas for six months), I’d... Read more »

Kirk apologizes

At last, GOP Senate candidate Mark Kirk faced the press for a lengthy Q&A. Here is an early report of today’s press conference from Politico.

Do you think Obama can spell potato?

Jeez, Mr. President, as commander-in-chief you at least should know how to pronounce “corpsman.” It’s not “corpseman” like you said, not just once. It’s core-man. Maybe they ought to put pronunciation guides on your TelePrompTer. Or maybe they already do, but figured that any idiot should know how to pronounced corpsman.  Take a look:    

Today is Veterans Day

USS Jonas Ingram (DD-938) Where the Navy sent me. Share Many of us veterans didn’t choose to serve in the military. There was a thing called the draft that chose it for us. So, in a way, when it comes to Veterans Day, my feeling is that the biggest accolades should go to those who... Read more »
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