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What legal abortion has wrought: Kermit Gosnell

A murder trial in Philadelphia has shocked and horrified the nation. Well, perhaps not everyone; the weekslong trial of Dr. Kermit B. Gosnell, charged with seven murders, hasn’t seemed to interest the major media, (See also: Washington Post, USA Today and Slate)despite the grisly nature of his alleged crimes. Could it be because Gosnell is an abortionist, who... Read more »

What or who killed all those Irish immigrants?

Was it cholera or murder? Almost 60 Irish immigrants working on a railroad project near Philadelphia in the early 1880s died. Cholera was blamed, but some skulls found the site suggests that some were victims of awful violence. The Wall Street Journal tells the story. Very interesting.

Chicago: Baghdad on the Lake

That two Chicago lawmakers have asked Gov. Pat Quinn to activate the Illinois National Guard to stem violence in the city is making national and international news.  Some officials are appalled at the idea of military troops doing police work, saying that they’re not trained for it. Mayor Richard M. Daley reacted “cooly,” the Tribune reports, throwing... Read more »

Scott Roeder convicted of murdering abortion doctor

Good, let him rot in jail. And then burn in hell.  I’m pro-life, but this man is a murderer and was rightly convicted despite his lame defense that he was saving lives. The necessity defense was a joke to start with; it opens the door to all sorts of violence. (LA Times story is here.)

Rapist had a "bad childhood"

He raped and killed 11 women, but the jury spared him the death penalty. Why? Because: Defense lawyers argued against the death penalty and testimony centered on how Crawford was allegedly abused by family as a child…. The two holdout jurors declined to speak to reporters afterward, and their fellow jury members refused to identify... Read more »

Idiots on the road

A man is dead, thanks to road rage fools. Oops, sorry, I meant alleged fools. And to think we have to share the road with them. According to the Tribune: Tyrice Pryor, of the 6100 block of North Hamilton Avenue, was charged with murder in connection with the crash that killed 32-year-old Jepson Livingston, authorities said early this morning.
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